Thinking Politically in 300 Words or Less || Harvard faculty members urge university to divest from fossil fuels


Momentum is growing in the movement to divest from fossil fuel companies. […] .. nearly 100 members of the faculty at Harvard University released an open letter calling on the Ivy League school to sell off its interests in oil, gas and coal companies. read article here

The following is my gut reaction to the article I read. There is more to be said of course and I am sure there is greater complexity but eh. What can ya say ?

Harvard University has a special status as an elite educational institution. Despite its professed grandeur, the best and brightest teachers and leaders of industry only recently realized that continuing to invest in fossil fuels may not be propitious. Propitious of course to their graduates/minions.

Please do not think that this is a case of sour grapes on my part. Harvard’s elitist status was not based upon the existence of an entrench system of morals.

At 32 years of age I have a certain historical where-with-all. Does anyone remember Harvard University’s recalcitrance in the 70’s to divest from investments in Apartheid? No?

I see a pattern emerging. Public opinion reaches a crescendo about a particular exploitative practice. Not wanting to incur the public’s ire, said institution rings the alarms calling for divestment. Of course if it’s timed right the Institution looks like it doing a positive thing. Almost leading the way for other institutions to follow suit.

At the end of the day it’s not just people profiting from the misery and suffering of others, its institutions. The same Cultural ones who are supposed to be a beacon for today’s youth.

I’ve never ran an institution there is a lot I don’t see. I am willing to admit, but why did it take the Brain Trust
so long to realize that turning a profit from investing in something as destructive as fossil fuels was bad? How man of our institutions tat we trust invest in harmful things

eh that’s it

One comment

  1. Well, all I can say is better late than never I guess. The governments are useless when it comes to doing anything about fossil fuels, so it is going to take actions like this. I recently pulled my money out of the bank I had been with since I was a kid because they invest in fossil fuels.

    But yeah, I think you make a very valid point, it took the best and brightest how long to figure investing in fossil fuels wasn’t great?


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