Meditations on Masculinity and Femininity

My carnal (spanlish for homey) TarnishedSophia,  dropped some heavy thoughts in the Comment section this week and I wanted to bring a point she made up here. Check her out, let her drop some knowledge and deep thoughts on you like it was your first tryst in the broom closet at work.

Sexual Polarity is Independent of Gender


One thing I’ve noticed is that having a dick is not a determinant of whether someone has a masculine or feminine sexual essence.

MrsMary best friend is gay. He shares a bday with me and like me is one of the most masculine dudes I know. His boyfriend is the most feminine dude one can meet. I would  joke with MrsMary’s friend a lot. I tell him he’s so masculine that he transcends sexual orientation. Due to his beyond-ness I have bestowed upon him the honorific title of Anal Executioner.

Joking aside, no one person is 100% masculine or feminine. We are each unique a mix. meaning there is a spectrum of masculine and feminine expression in people. According to some estimates 90 % of people have either a more masculine or feminine sexual essence. The remaining 10% having a more balanced essence. This sets up some interesting and funny to scenarios which I want to explore.

An Example

I’ve encountered two major schools of thought in mysticism and spiritual practice. One school of thought surmises that at the depth of the human experience we can experience the mystery at the core of existence. The other calls for the practitioner to identify not with their human-ness, which is by nature ephemeral. Rather the seeker identifies with that timeless and immutable part of themselves. One path focuses on transcending the human condition. The other on experiencing what lies beyond the world of form and measure, immanent within creation. The path that focuses on transcendence is considered to be the more masculine (yang) way of proceeding. The path that focuses on immanence is the more feminine (yin) way.

Our understanding of these two energies of creation as Jung called them, affects how we interact within each other. Also they influence how we as persons and nations conceptualize and find meaning in the world. One of the ideas that I have often encountered is as the poet says: “You must have shadow and light source both.” This means for me that we have to experience the ranges of masculinity and femininity within ourselves. We also have to experience them in the world outside as well through our contact with Nature. (Contact with Nature is inclusive of the people with whom we come into contact). Criminalizing, policing and suppressing their expression will have drastic wide reaching effects.

Growing in our Understanding

weighing_the_balance_As a society continues onward our understanding of masculinity and femininity changes. Before the sexual revolution definitions of both ends of the spectrum were rigid. At one point men were non-crying, emotional-hindered bread winners. Women were submissive housewives this and women did that.

Time passed women became bread winners, went to college among other things. Men got more in touch with their feminine side. What this period brought us was an clear understanding that a women could be as good a boss as a man. She could be a bread winner, etc.

Judging the current state of affairs, I feel this is a one stage on a continuous journey because we are coming to new equilibrium. Well that’s my opinion at least.

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