Thoughts on the Dark Side, Hooters Restaurants, Old Testament Style Prostitution & Stuff

DISCLAIMER: Any time sex is mentioned it elicits a lot of uncomfortable reactions in people, myself included depending on the context. My exteriorizing a thought process here is for the sake of discussion. Adult discussion!


Do restaurants like Hooters & The Tilted Kilt Degrade Women ?

A cool discussion broke out in the  comment section of my last post which made me ask myself: ” do breast-aurants like Hooters degrade women?” My take on that issue is that there are different stroke for different folks, meaning (innuendo aside) that there will always some people who

  1. Emphatically Agree
  2. Emphatically Disagree
  3. Don’t Really Give a Fuck
  4. Have never really thought about it

If no one is forcing you to dance to RadioHead’s Creep in such a way as to give me an erection while I’m being lambasted with powers chords and tentative reflections that “I am a creep” or a “weirdo”, it’s not degrading. (I have a bad history with the song Creep). Discussing whether such and such activity degrades women, especially in a blog post tends to lead to the rehashing of the same tired rhetoric. This questions lead to me to ask an important question: ‘What is the earliest evidence we have of prostitution?’ That started some gears turning.

Old-School Prostitution

ὅ παῖς καλός - This is definitely not written here. I studied ancient greek long ago and this is one of the few things I remember
ὅ παῖς καλός – This is definitely not written here. I studied ancient greek briefly long ago and this is one of the few things I remember

It’s my opinion we like to deny what it is we are. Hammurabi 18 centuries before Christ had laws that protected the property rights of women, inclusive of female prostitutes. Looking at how long it takes us to pass laws, prostitution has at least enjoyed a 30-20  centuries longevity. That’s staying power ! Compare that to the fact that people have been marrying for love for only 2-3 centuries more or less since the Age of the Enlightenment.

To take matters further there was such a thing as sacred prostitution; case and point the term qedesha in the Old Testament “temple prostitute” (I went to catholic school for 13 years). Another infamous yogurt-eater Herodotus, described in the 4th -5th century BC a common sexual rites that used to take place in the many shrines and temples in Mesopotamia along the the Tigris and Euphrates. [Another reason it was called the fertile crescent]. Every woman of the land had to sit in the temple of Aphrodite and have intercourse with some stranger once in her life.”  

We may scoff at how dumb and or stupid this was but remember that this was before Freddie Mercury died of AIDS. Also try to recall college FRAT PARTIES and the human centipede looking collections of arms and legs disjointedly juxtaposed together you encountered on nights of Dionysian excess.  

I bring this up for a reason, and once I remember it again… oh yeah.

If we look at human history we are confronted by the continued existence of what is today seemingly frowned upon behavior: cheating, buying sex in some way shape or form, or using sex to get what you want (marriage proposal). I think there is a reason for this. And if we are really open-minded, we can tease of some insight into ourselves. I am not saying offer yourself up sexually to the person at your right. For some of you living on the coast that may be impossible. I also don’t know the dolphin fucking laws in your locality.

Some Thoughts

Every person has a so called ‘dark-side’ to themselves. Unfortunately we disavow all knowledge of it’s existence. Rather than acknowledge 1779249_785741701455975_2124414566_nthat sometimes we desire to take things by force (or be taken by force), or that, to echo the Old Testament, we covet our neighbor’s ass (I got a thing for single moms around 27), we choose to never engage ourselves in understanding where behaviors come from. This has caused as you can imagine a lot of psychological damage in many folk.

I think understanding why we repress what we do, can help us understand “rape culture” and soap operas. That should be my next post: “Rape Culture and Soap Operas”. There are growing numbers of people so self-conscious about themselves, so unhinged by their neuroses and insecurities that they are unable to have sex, or be touched by another or even be naked in front of a person. I think you have to be pretty conflicted or blocked on some part of your personal growth to not be able to have sex.

I feel that there is a ever-widening gap in some people (chuckle) between sex and spirit. This is perfecty evidenced by those people who fuck through the hole in their pajama bottoms not even bothering to bend their knees. I’m tired, rambling and in a silly mood.

Uhm leave some comments

Lemme know if I should continue writing about this, more or less flippantly

12 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Dark Side, Hooters Restaurants, Old Testament Style Prostitution & Stuff

  1. Sex is fun, a way to relieve stress and achieve a safe temporary high. It’s a wonderful way to connect to another person on a physical (and I think spiritual) level, a show of love or at least care. It’s a bonding mechanism between lovers, whether that bonding takes the form of bdsm, making love, or something in the middle.

    Sex is not inherently degrading, and being recognized as a sexual being shouldn’t be considered humiliating. Only if one is completely reduced to their genitals could this even potentially be true. Men (or women) aren’t “creepy” or “gross” for admiring attractive strangers, or for asking someone out who then refuses. If they sexually harass/grope/rape someone, they are not being sexual…they are being monsters who use sex as a tool of power. Same goes for women (or men) who use their sexuality as a means to obtain wealth/status/get out of legal responsibilities.

    These are my takes on sex as a whole. I enjoy discussions like this though, and think you should write about this more. 🙂


  2. There’s nothing wrong with sex, and you’re right that we should definitely be less repressed about it. I don’t really think there’s anything wrong with prostitution, as long as the woman in question made a conscious choice to be a sex worker and wasn’t somehow forced into it–either by a man or circumstances (and that’s such a rarity, I think I have a better chance of living long enough to see Halley’s Comet come around again). But places like Hooters that pretend to be charming family hangouts with good food are bad for women, and bad for men. It makes sex (read: looking at women’s breasts) seem dirty and taboo, and something that must be hidden behind “family values.” They should just come out, and admit that they’re one step away from being strip clubs and let it go. Women are being treated as objects, as trash, as something to be ashamed of. That’s not okay.


    1. Hola Purples,

      You’re absolutely right, this pretending that Hooters is a family restaurant lol is plain ridiculous. I wish we could just cut the shit with that.

      What always shocks me was that there seems to be a historic need for such establishments like this in some way shape or form. King Herods dancing girls, the beer maiden of Octoberfest, the Valkyrie of Norse Myth I feel this need’s outward manifestation differs with how sexually conservation the times are.

      I think what is interesting is the prevailing sense of conservatism or prudery and how that influences how this need is articulated. If there were hooters in a more liberal society that didnt hide behind the whole family values thing would it be as bad.

      I am a bit unsure about the forced by circumstance. There was a place in the city I passed by that advertised stripper pole dancing workshops. I think coercion by circumstance is a bit of a tricky thing for me to conceptualize.

      Hope that made sense that was a torrent of thought.


      1. Thank for clearing up the confusion. And no, I wouldn’t go to a male strip show or similar revue. Why? Because I think they’re kind of stupid. I’ve got no real interest in looking at a bunch of oiled, waxed, and steroided bubbleheads. (Yeah, I’m totally stereotyping these guys, and I know it’s probably not accurate.) My tastes run to the intellectual.

        Also, don’t try to type with potato chips in your hands. It’s awkward and messy.


      2. Typing with potato chips is fun though all the keyboard buttons look so shiny !

        Its all goo. Generalizing, stereotyping and objectifying I feel are what human beings do. The trick is to recognise this and to not let it deter us from responding through our higher faculties.

        When you say your tastes run to the intellectual do you mean in terms of looks ? like your attracted to someone who looks intellectual ? Some of the most intellectual guys I met dont look the part


  3. You definitely can’t tell how smart someone is by looking at them. Looks are just the immediate impression and attraction, but my interest really is determined by whether or not I can hold an interesting conversation with them. Otherwise, it’s just eye candy (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

    As for what kind of looks I favor, check out the character of Llewyn Davis from the recent movie. That’s probably my favorite look, but I’m pretty diverse in taste.


    1. Hola Ms Purple!

      I agree with you. Eye candy is cool unless you’re diabetic then it could be dangerous figuratively speaking. I checked out the Llewyn Davis character, he looks like an Iranian man I met once back in the day. If I bump into another dude of that type Ill send him to your blog.

      How have you been feeling? Life treating you well ? its always nice to hear from you



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