List Created Under the Influence of Narcotics, Need Your Feedback

I have to go to work today. Mentally and physically I’m not there yet . Add to the mix the fact that every time I recover from being ill, I tend to feel a bit lost to the person I was before I got sick, it a pretty odd time. However I have a ritual that generally helps me out. I generally

  1. Read something I’ve been putting off reading
  2. Do an activity I’ve never done before
  3. Radically alter my day-to-day appearance
  4. Hang out with some new peoples

I sported a Mohawk for a while at work before the Fro-hawk was popular. I dyed my hair bright copper-red for a while. I started this blog,  got into bodybuilding and power lifting, read Journey to the Edge of the Night by Celine etc. and the list goes on. So this time around here are some things I am thinking bout doing, give me some feedback make some suggestions.

ACTIVITY: Learning to shoot a 22 rifleruger-1022


Reading a lot and caring about other people’s culture has been crimping my American Style for far too long. It’s either learn to shoot a gun, learn to drive a car or learn to swim. Shooting a gun is the coolest thing out of that bunch. I’m not going to get a gun, or have one in my house, especially given how violently angry MrsMary can get (self-preservation). But Learning to shoot one may come in handy in case Steven Segal or Wesley Snipes cannot be called in to save America single-handedly from her enemies.

Going to the Tilted Kilt for a few pints of Guinness

IMG_7496 copy


MrsMary, bless her heart, recommended going to this place to me. Now generally I hate  Celtic themed sports pubs and eateries sports bars. I rather kinda diving bars or pubs really where I can drink Guinness and take back shots of Jameson while I try to figure it all out. But there is a certain something about this place that intrigues me. Can’t quite put my finger on it for legal reasons of course. But I can help choose 2015’s Calendar girls. That’s a version of democracy I can get behind, figuratively 🙂

Reading: Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace.


I have been putting off reading this book for a while. In part because its really really long and my attention has been scattered lately. At the moment I prefer shorter books. But I have always loved Mr Wallace’s writing and think this is a good choice. Who doesn’t love long long sentence with multiple clauses and crazy terminology? Does anyone else want to read this, maybe we can chit-chat  talk about it.

 Some Suggestions

I need some more suggestions clearly as my list doesn’t feel complete. Something is missing. A bit ago I picked up the mouth organ, (the harmonica) and have been playing it ever since. So I don’t feel like starting a new  instrument until I’ve mastered this one, put some more polish to my blow notes. I getting an acoustic guitar to replace the last guitar I sold. So many if you have a relative killed in a mine or some bit of social irony that really bothering you, I can let loose that folk song that’s been waiting to come out of me. Between blowing on the organ and strumming on the guitar, I should be able to unleash a sea of crude jokes. Maybe a new language? Farsi and Japanese are up there for me. Or maybe I will take to the road. I dunno

Leave your suggestions here in the comments below. Obviously I will be blogging about all the crazy shit I decide to so, be creative.

10 thoughts on “List Created Under the Influence of Narcotics, Need Your Feedback

  1. A .22? You wuss. Go heavy gauge, and dislocate your shoulder like a real man.And just forget the Tilted Kilt thing. Just forget it. It’s like Hooters with legs. Would you go to Hooters? I wouldn’t


    1. I like you!

      Too bad you’re in the UK, maybe we could have gone to the shooting range and dislocated our shoulders together? That’s male fuggin bonding

      “Hooters with legs” that’s poetic my friend. That brings me back, this chick I knew who the saleman of the month at a T-mobile store and knew nothing about phones. Hooters with legs is like Kentucky Fried Chicken. For a while when I was single and on the prowl Colonel Sanders (The greasy genius behind the chain) was my idol. Imagine to be able to have a breast in one hand and thigh in another, at a whim?… A WHIM??? I personally have never gone to a Hooters or Tilted Kilt type of establishment. Especially now in my 30’s tits and cleavage however nice, do not mesmerize me like they used to in my 20’s especially when partaken in an ambiance of shitty foods and badly poured beer.


      1. will not go to any establishment that relies on its revenue attracting and fleecing lascivious men. Don’t get me wrong. I have y chromosomes. I am hardwired to look at women. But here is a world of difference between me looking at young women, and ogling


      2. That’s cool and I respect that.
        But because I am curious I got some questions

        What constitutes a lascivious man?
        What about the other industries that target ‘lascivious’ men?
        Do all indutries that target lascivious men, fleece them too.


      3. OK. Let’s work from the top here
        Lascivious means leary. Any man reading even soft porn mags is lascivious. It’s not a criminal offence, but it is degrading to women, and to the leary mean
        The other industries? I hate them too
        Yes, it’s a money maker.
        And just as an aside, I find female writers of soft porn offensive, and the ones who write S/M porn? Really? Get realistic here. You’d hate it, girls, if I wrote that stuff


  2. If you do tackle Infinite Jest (I recommend it), here’s two tips you’ll need:

    1) Use two bookmarks: one for the novel, and one for the endnotes. Trust me.
    2) Be prepared to be wholly frustrated with the ending. I think that’s the ultimate point.


    1. Hola Mary,

      It’s aways nice to see ya!

      That sounds like some sort of analogy on life. That we can have two anchors firmly planted somewhere and still be whole frustrated with the end. I look forward to reading it. How do you feel ? I played and the beat goes on by the Whispers and thought of you and your electronic JukeBox. Hope you are well


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