Dealing w/a Sickle Cell Crisis Will not be putting new stuff out til I get better

Hey My Peoples,

I got a bad cold from the lovely MrsMary. That triggered a sickle-cell crises and I have a searing pain in my leg at the moment. Sitting down is tough, as is walking. Moving in general sucks. Laying down is manageable.

I imagine I will be out from the blogging game for a few days. I just wanted to let those of you that frequent here  often that there should be next to nothing new coming out of the blog in the next few days. I have 150 post some are close to completion than others and I may pump those out. if MrMary  is up for helping me.

Hope errbody is doing well, and I look forward to see you on the other side of this episode


If you wanna say hi or tell me something funny tweet me 🙂


6 thoughts on “Dealing w/a Sickle Cell Crisis Will not be putting new stuff out til I get better

  1. Geez, that royally sucks. I’ve known one other person who got a sickle-cell complication, but he said it was like someone had broken a glass bottle inside his legs. I’m sorry you aren’t doing well at the moment, and hope you make a speedy recovery…if such a thing is possible in cases like this.


    1. Thanks for the comment TarnsZ. I hate being sick and incapacitated. The painYu with sickle cell can be unreal a leave u praying for death. This time its not as bad. I have a lot going on amI hope i can recover quickly to get on with my life.

      How have u been ? I hope ur doing well


      1. I’ve been doing good, dear sir. Back at my normal store now after 6 months of training the newbies at our most recently opened location…love not having a 1 hour commute 2x a day anymore.

        Also wondering how many (if any) followers I’m going to lose this week after my upcoming post about the truth of evolution and why creationism shouldn’t be allowed in science class. I know I don’t do many religious posts (maybe 4 so far?) but a recent conversation I had coupled with a comment I saw elsewhere has my hackles up.


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