What It’s Like @32 || Living with and Having Dogs


“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy
or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a
glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing
nothing was not boring–it was peace.” 

― Milan Kundera

Back In the Day

I gave my sister a puppy for her 16th bday, because that was what she said she wanted more than anything After a week the dog became mine. I bought my lady a dog, because when she moved in with me she missed her family dog. Finally I helped someone out of a tight spot and took in their dog when they had to move and she just stayed with us.

I am good with animals but I have been to busy working to really enjoy their company. In my 20’s I didn’t appreciate them as much as I do now because I was working too much to interact with them as I would have liked. My lady is responsible for 95%  of their care. Lately I have been wanting to spend more time with my dogs. The oldest is 11 and she is a lot calmer and not as energetic and staying with her helps me relax after I get home for work

Now @32

I have learned a lot from having dogs. I am going to lay it out for you right here. Her are two of my main experiences and observations

Having a dog will show you how out of touch we are with our animal souls.

mo-moDogs look to their human to be their leader. Whenever we do not respond or interact with them with the energy of leader they simply don’t listen. You cannot hide your neurosis, anxiety, from your dog. SO many of us carry hurt and many self-destructive complexes that is hard to be a leader let alone calm and assertive. It’s hard to get out of our minds and sense the energy of a room, of the people we are next too. At lot of times when we are approaching new people it’s our energy that makes a statement about us before our words and content of what we have to say. I remember back in the day when I was on the market, when my energy was calm and I owned the space I was in whether I was at a bar or somewhere else I was able to meet with and talk to a lot of new people. I feel dogs make us aware of how we are projecting ourselves!

They  tell you specifically what they need and that they need you

soleilI remember the first fight I had with MrsMary. She told me some horse shit that I was supposed to know what she wanted me to do at that time without haven’t ever vocalized anything.  Dogs do not do that. When I am eating something, or when I am sitting on the couch, and they want to participate they clearly let me know that they want to do so. I do not have to decipher any subtle statements.  I don’t have to pay attentions to changes of tone and ask: “Are you ok, are you mad?” They do not any qualms about showing their grateful to just be around you. Typical among humans gratitude exponentially decays in a relationship the longer  two people are together.

Summing Up

The older I get the more I find my home becoming more and more important to me. For years I was obsessed with going out , eating out (after the date I suppose -lil joke) seeing movies, and the normal hooligan shit that defined male-young adult-hood. My home is become more and more a castle, and it has everything and everyone in it I love. I go there to rest and recover from the world outside. It wouldn’t be a home without these three knuckleheads.



  1. “Dogs look to their human to be their leader. Whenever we do not respond or interact with them with the energy of leader they simply don’t listen. You cannot hide your neurosis, anxiety, from your dog” This is too true. I look after the family dogs while everyone is out at work. When my depression is bad I’m sure they can tell, the less hyper dog comes and sits with me, the hyper dog who would usually wag his tail and greet me with a hug, (it is a proper hug he wraps his paws around you and rests his head on yours) he just gets a bone and chews it in front of me. I’d like a hug really, but he doesn’t seem to know how to react to me when I lack my usual ‘mental energy’ he’s young.


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