When did we become so comfortable with being full of shit ?

internet-100016261-largeHow different is today’s society from the pre-Internet incarnation of my youth? Well, you cannot tell a kid who lost a game that they aren’t a winner. Also, people think that human beings are so evolved that campaigns will stop them from poking fun at people who are different.

Do you know what is my favorite mark of our times? People love to turn ordinary situations into malevolent sodomizing people’s happiness. Look at this example.The following is the first sentence of a popular article on the Huffington Post. “Married parents have been under attack lately, from all angles.”


Shouldn’t the word “attacked” be reserved for innocent wedding victims of drone strikes? Or innocent people murdered in Crimea being? Who is attacking married people? Should we call the Human Rights Committee at the UN? To answer these questions you have to read ~400 more words to find out who these nefarious assailants are. Could you have guessed that the enemies of marriage are social scientists, shrinks and unburdened, childless observers?

This is how they have assaulted marriage. They have according to the author stipulated that:

longtime married couples in the kind of egalitarian and committed partnerships that the women of my generation — raised under the ’80’s roof of divorce and disappointment — strived for don’t have sex as often as, well, anyone else. If we’re married with kids, we might as well just forget romance: Maybe we brush each other’s dishpan hands as we complaisantly pass the peas from freezer to microwave or fold endless, laundered sock pairs into balls, or once in a blue moon slam together to breed. But that’s it.We’re miserable parents, too, it seems, all joy and no fun (though we wouldn’t change it for a million childless, 20-something, tipsy, heart-racing, very-definition-of-freedom nights).

6wKbKI didn’t have to change too many diapers to know that this article was going to be full of shit. Let me summarize this article for you. People assail the institution of marriage by predicting patterns. In this case the pattern is that married couples belonging to a certain demographic don’t have much sex. The author is a a victim of their calculations and opinions. She is also living proof that what they predict was correct. She didn’t have sex for a year but as she has the audacity to say: “we were not unhappy”.

Before I tell you why, I should inform you that being sexless for a year is not an easy thing to admit. The reason being that “our culture so tightly links sexual vibrancy and exploits with youth, happiness and worth.” They had done something that lashed them together more tightly than any expression or experience of sexual desire ever would.” They created life out of our love for each other. She goes on to conclude that married sex is “badass”. Because you can trust the other person to calmly remove a condom that gets stuck in your vagina and not feel self conscious.

Let’s Be Honest

Mrs Mary and I both felt the article was horseshit. Here’s the article, see for yourself. I actually wrote a post about what I truly felt about this post. Luckily MrsMary read it and told me I sound too cynical and even though I am not, people would think I was unnecessarily badgering the author.

The culture I was born into believes that I genetically destined for a life of crime. Supposedly I live  for harming innocents, having sex with white women, smoking reefer, not working, having children out of wedlock, having bad credit, and the list goes on. How much of a shit do you think I give about what my culture says about me or what statistics may imply. If you believe what a homicidal, genocidal culture tells you about yourself maybe you deserve to feel what you feel. No one can emancipate you from your limited vision except yourself. I feel everyone needs to live under the weight of oppression for a while and it will get them right. I mean lose your life oppression.

0f68BlackManSmilingCheck it out:

It’s a long-standing mystery in public health: despite the inarguably vast number of psychological and sociological stresses they face in the U.S., African Americans are mentally healthier than white people. The phenomenon is formally described as the “race paradox in mental health”.

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