How Should We Celebrate International Woman’s Month on ASPoonfulOfSuga …. Ideas?


March is International Woman’s Month. I want to dedicate the last week of March on this blog to celebrating women, but here is the thing. Usually when I am celebrating women, it’s to insure that half of my stuff isn’t going to get taken away from me at some point in the future … So I am out of ideas. Rather the ideas I have aren’t applicable: washing your dishes or talking you out to listen to you tell me about the day would fail horribly. Let me know what you think I am down for most anything


One comment

  1. Hmmm, celebrating women? How about a profile on Mary Elizabeth Bowser. I love her. Or Yoshiko Kawashima? Or what about Josephine Baker?She worked for the Allies in France. She carried coded messages in her sheet music. I say SPIES! Famous women spies…


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