Please tell me not all Feminist are like this ?


I know that all feminists aren’t like this lady, that is clear. However I want to send out a public service announcements to Feminists on a whole. So many dudes want to support your cause. No father wants to send his daughter out into a world where she will be treated like a piece of shit. No brother wants any harm to befall his sister or son his mother because of people’s ignorance and close-mindedness. I want you to enjoy the benefits of equal pay, because for starters you could pay for more stuff. I want you to be free to makes decisions about your vagina (especially if it may involve me in it), and not some misogynistic old white Republican dude in government living off the blood and suffering of innocents.

Please listen to my advice: “some good PR would really help  you out right now”.  There are a lot of crazy fucking clowns out there burning bridges in the name of femi. Do you know how much crazy shit I have heard coming after the phrase: ‘As a feminist, …’.  And who can forget these jewels of social commentary and observation:

  1. If women ran the world, it would be more peaceful 
  2. Women are smarter because they don’t hump everything they can 
  3. Women are more spiritually evolved than men

I’m not even talking about the seriously musky misandry that some of you saturate the air with or how almost anything seemingly masculine is criminalization. I am definitely not mentioning the self-righteous hypocritical “we stand with all women as long as they aren’t factory workers, tea leaf pickers, peasants in third world countries we don’t give a shit about or Muslim, or do not follow or believe in feminism, etc..” On a side note, it is shocking to me to see how much hate and shame feminist actually project on to other women who do not fall in line with the “feminist” ideology whatever that is

I’m not a male rights activist. I am just a cynical dude with a blog. I feel for you women, not just on a date in the dark pretending I don’t know where the popcorn is, but also for your plight for equality. I’m more than happy to support you but I am not going to protest in the streets in NYC with you, my insurance doesn’t cover the NYPD’s responses to their definitions of perceived threats.

Yup that it



  1. Ugh, the arguments are endless:

    Stay at home mom vs. work out of the home mom
    Mom vs childfree by choice
    Formula vs. breastfeeding
    Slut vs. virgin
    “Men are the enemy” vs. “I need a man”

    My brand feminism is do whatever works for you within the confines of the law. I’ll do the same for myself, thank you very much.

    Do I appreciate the hard work to give me choices? Sure…but they are MY choices.


  2. I think that lady that posted that thing about breastfeeding is either a moron or a troll.I think you would be pretty hard pressed to find a woman anywhere, even the most radical of feminists, that genuinely believes infant boys should be denied breast milk on the grounds that males already have an advantage over females.


  3. She’s not a feminist. She’s a lunatic. I’m pretty sure all rational feminists, even the really radical ones like the late Andrea Dworkin, would totally disavow this stupid, stupid pathetic excuse for a human being. The reality is that boys are more likely to die before the age of five than girls, so they need just as many advantages as girls. Period.


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