Does Waxing Make Her a Bad Feminist || The Truth about Ideologies

“Our blight is ideologies-they are the long-expected Antichrist!” -Carl Jung

baby-doll-waxYet here I am, month in and month out, dropping my pants for a stranger, letting her slide hot, green, organic wax along my vulva, around my labia, and across my lower abdomen with a thick, pale wooden popsicle stick just so I can feel “clean.” How can I subject a part of my body with such a complicated narrative to this hedonistic ritual and still call myself a feminist?


Ideologies however noble representation the aggrandization of a narrow range of thought. Communism, Nationalism, Socialism (Nazi-ism) they all started as noble ideas. History shows us the depravity for which they were a vehicle. Look at this weird “Christian Ideology” that American politicians always reference when they want to  deny some group their civil rights.

images (2)Ideologies in the long run become a hierarchical, heavily policed framework that even people who don’t subscribe to them can be and are often gravely hurt by them. I’m sure Marx didn’t envision soviet tanks, The Cuban Missile Crisis, and Stalin’s, genocidal streak. Ideologies are always used as a cover to substantiate abuse, and we have to always have to be on guard  that our ideologies and our fervor for them is not oppressing other or the processes within ourselves.

I do not really follow ideologies. I’m not a democrat, republican, or socialist. I simple march to the beat of my own drummer. I try to be on the side of common sense. As I have mentioned elsewhere in this blog, I want women to enjoy all the rights that men have in education and employment. I believe we should prosecute rapist more than we do. I think we  better sex education should be in place and access to contraception. There is much progress to be made in terms of domestic violence and the like. However I do not consider myself a feminist.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. Marcus Aurelius 

Feminism is an ideology like any other. It’s ideas and goals are noble and something I strongly identify with however feminism has not been purged from its inherent racism and doesn’t address (to me) many class warfare issues. I do not think feminism can or ever wanted to take into account the diversity of women. Do you remember the FEMEN protest against Islam. I clearly saw in their attitudes and protest the promulgation of Western imperialistic attitudes. None of them had any clear understanding of the cultural phenomenon of Islam, Islamic culture, its different schools of thoughts or approaches.  I wish some of these women rallying topless against Islam read Edward Said Orientalism before they decided to do so.

Every mass ideology comes with collateral damage, and feminism is  not exempt. More on that later. I do think when shaving your bits becomes and crisis of thought, there is an issue. What do you lovely people think? I have so many errands to run so I will pick this up again later 


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