A Week of Humorous Reflections about Relationships: Beyonce & The Concept of Independance

relationshipsLet’s get some thing straight: human beings are a social animals. There is no independence if you live in society. (Unless you’re living in a forest hunting your own food and building your own shelter out of nature abundance.)

There is no independence in a relationship. You depend on your spouse/significant other/live-in boyfriend emotionally spiritually, physically, etc and he does you. If you don’t need your husband’s money that’s great. In reality there is no greater aphrodisiac than a women who is going to buy me shit for my birthday and bullshit holidays, take me on vacation or fly me out to exotic location so I can give it up, and go halfsies on the rent or mortgage payments. I forgot my favorite: get me jewelry when anniversaries come and go.

Oh You Didn’t Know ?

Let me break it down for you.

If I depend on you for something, it is up to you to not be a dick about it. Let me give you an example. After I or any dude commits to a chick, implicit to that commitment is a promise we wont be sticking our dick in another chick without your permission or participation. He’s caught now in a trap. You can choose to with-hold  sex from your partner because:

  1. you didn’t like his attitude
  2. he called your best friend a cunt
  3. he doesn’t tell you he misses you when you corner him as he just gets home

and the list goes on ….

As a guy, I can choose to not communicate because you are draining the will to live out of me with your nagging questions, feeble attempts to change me, and turn me into a pet with your always needing to be validated bullshit.

This is what human beings do. Men are just as fucked up as women. The sooner we accept that we are all assholes the sooner our relationships can improve.

d5361f5fc7f5a7b1bcad8c1e2a80034dWhen Aristotle said Man is by nature a political being he wasn’t talking about the penis carrying card members of the world, he was talking about humanity. Sometimes ladies I am sure you can agree, your guy is a fucking douche. He doesn’t pick up after himself. He is non-communicative and he doesn’t treat you like you’re a fucking princess when you wear that Burger King crown on your head at home. Guys, from what you say at the bar, from what my guy friends tell me, it’s clear there are many times where your ladies is the biggest cunt on the planet. Right? This isn’t rocket science. Human beings are nasty to each other, ask a/an

  1. Native American
  2. Jewish person whose relatives were tortured and burned in WW@
  3. Chinese person about what the Japanese did to them
  4. Algerian how the French treated them when they wanted independence?

So with that said

I loved Destiny’s Child. I like Beyonce. She is entertaining. I learned a lot from her. First she wowed me with her “Can you pay my bills”. Then she pulled me in closer with Independent Woman. Finally she had the power to not only upgrade me but to do for me what Martin Luther king Jr did for the people. Who can forget when she told us you don’t even have to love a girl to marry her? If you just like it, put a ring on it.

All the women with self-respect I know view these songs as garbage, simple entertainment for a generation that has lost touch with reality.

Let’s Talk Independent women Shall we ?

Harriet Fucking Tubman. She was so independent, she helped a sea of people find independence. She didn’t need a song or some fucking choreographed steps to let people know that she was independent. The greatest Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, didn’t need  a song, or her dad to make her the lead singer of a group where she wasn’t the hottest chick. She didn’t need all mammas rockin dollazs to throw theirs hands up at her. I could mention Nobel Prize Winning Marie Curie or maybe even Corazon Aquino (look her up).

Let’s Wrap it Up

download (4)Beyonce needs someone to Say her Name, which to me is incompatible with being an independent women. She also needed a Soldier  too after her stint as an independent woman, probably to pay for shit again like during the bills-bills can you pay my auto-mo-bills era. I believe her words were:

We like them boys up top from the BK
Know how to flip that money three ways 
Always riding big on the freeway 

I will let you in on a secret, people who really are whatever they profess to be don’t need to talk about it or write songs. The toughest guys aren’t the guys running around saying they are tough. You want to know a woman artist who I respect infinitely more than Beyonce? Ms Mary J Blige.

Hip-Hop diva Mary J. Blige smacked her husband for checking out a waitress  “She said, ‘You ain’t going to go Chris Brown on me, are you?

It’s A Wrap

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