How We Ruin Young Girls || But What if She is just bossy?

I saw this image today on Facebook


Calling Bullshit

And I want to ask since when does being bossy mean great leadership skills? How low is the bar for being a boss? I’m first generation here meaning I really had to study English, being bossy and being a leader are two different things. Bossy means: “fond of giving people orders; domineering. ” Of course many of us have sociopaths as bosses but can I call bullshit on this ?

I am all for encouraging young girls to explore science and engineering. I am a big supporter of women in tech and in leadership positions. Any position a woman wants to aspire to be in, I support it ( I didn’t make a joke there are you proud of me) I love it when we have diversity in management position, I think women CEO’s are just as capable as male CEO. You know what I don’t love: feeding young girls bullshit.

If you are bossy your just that. To be a great leader one has to have been a great follower at some point, bossy people do not have the humility to follow anyone. Whenever I meet a kid (under my jurisdiction) who’s bossy  you know what I do? I boss them around, no please no thank you’s, no gratefulness. They hate it. Then I tell them that that is how people feel when they are dealing with bossy people. Bossy people in the work place are part of the reason it’s such a fucked up place. Being a good boss or manager requires fairness , compassion, humility, gratefulness. All these words do not go with bossy. Im not saying a boss should be a doormat, these nice qualities are temperred with strong will and resolve and all that stuff etc…

I mean look at these articles headings:

  • How To Stop Being Bossy
  • Be Boss without being Bossy
  • How To Deal with a Bossy Co-worker

How is being bossy a fucking good thing


There are so many articles out there on how to deal with bossy co-workers or bosses who are bossy. So please let’s not  make the workplaces of the future even worse by  allowing a new generation of people to think that bossy and leadership qualities are synonymous. I love a women in top positions, as my ex-girlfriends can attest. I think we should support young women everywhere and make sure that there is no legislation/social practices in place to unfairly limit their ascent career-wise. But can we cut the fucking shit, it’s hard enough out there without someone feeding you bullshit.


  1. Yeah there is a difference between being a bit of a leader in a group of friends and being the one that organises the games, to being downright bossy. I don’t think we should be encoraging little girls and boys to go around telling other people what to do!


  2. I think it’s all in the words that we choose. We have to be careful, especially as far as children are concerned. Great job!


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