Cops slam into Brooklyn man’s parked SUV, bust him for ‘driving’ with no license


A Brooklyn man is claiming cops falsely arrested him for driving without a license after they dented a parked car he was merely sitting in – and embellished details about the caught-on-tape accident. Robert Jackson, 31, said he was waiting in his girlfriend’s Ford SUV outside his Brownsville home on April 2013 when a patrol car drove against traffic on the one-way street. Trying to avoid an oncoming truck, the police vehicle backed up and damaged its bumper and nicked the SUV. Officer Christopher Oliver wrote in the criminal complaint that he “went to the driver’s side door of defendant’s vehicle and observed the door open and the keys in the ignition” before arresting Jackson for operating a vehicle with a suspended license, according to the document. But a surveillance video Jackson obtained from a neighbor clearly shows he immediately shut the door upon exiting the car and that the cop never went near the driver’s side as he claimed. “I thought it was a joke,” Jackson, who works as a porter, said Thursday about the questionable collar. “The cop said, ‘Dude, you ran into me.’” Jackson had to spend the night in jail and appear in court multiple times before the criminal case against him was dropped by prosecutors six months later, records show.

The Sad Part

Things like this is why the black community and the nypd will never have good relations. Above this I don’t know why this isn’t headline news? The gentlemen will sue the city and WIN and then guess who gets to pay ….? We the tax payers! this is coming out of your pockets. Fire these pigs immediately!

It comes down to money, it always comes down to money. Americans hate the idea of taxes or paying more taxes. When cops do dumb things the city gets sued and “we the tax payer have to shell out more money” I wonder if racist acts didn’t affect tax payer’s bottom line would any-one care?

Cops can trump up false claims and despite the NSA’s extensive global and domestic spying networks there is no way to address that. What’s worse for me personally is that the US military is handing over leftover equipment from the Iraq conflict to police under a military surplus program. Civil liberties groups have criticized the initiative as unnecessary and a move toward the militarization of American law enforcement. American law enforcement agencies have received 165 MRAPs — 18 ton, armored vehicles with gun turrets — this year.

Let’s see how that goes


  1. Most public safety agencies have the phrase “to serve and to protect” in their mission statement. Who is responsible for protecting us against them? Thank you for publishing this. Everyone should read it.


  2. Yikes! This story is hair raising. Why would a policeman DO such a thing. It wasn’t even his car. It’s not like he could be fired for making a simple mistake, so WHY LIE?! Why make life so hard and complicated for everyone. There should be repercussions…I’m mad as a wet hen. And that’s pretty mad. I don’t want to be afraid of the police…but now? hmmmm…Kiev anyone?


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