MrMary Responds || America Not One of the 12 Most Sexually Satisfied Countries (1)


Americans could learn a thing or two from the ways people get it on in foreign lands.

In any event, one thing remains certain. Americans are having a lot less sex than our friends overseas. Studies show people in other countries have up to  70 times more sex than we do. Indeed, Americans are only about  48 percent sexually satisfied. So how is sexual satisfaction measured? According to  Durex global research, the drivers include: mutual love and respect between partners; freedom from stress; ability to orgasm; freedom from sexual dysfunction; good mental and physical health; and frequency of sex and foreplay. Oh… and having an exciting sex life! A 2014 study revealed that socio-economic status also impacted levels of sexual satisfaction.

After sifting through all the wacky data and numerous studies out there, AlterNet has formulated a list of countries that consistently rate among the most sexually satisfied, in no particular order. It’s time to reignite our nation’s prowess… in the bedroom.

The 12 Countries

  1. Switzerland
  2. Spain
  3. Italy
  4. Brazil
  5. Greece
  6. The Netherlands
  7. Mexico
  8. India
  9. Australia
  10. Nigeria
  11. Germany
  12. China


It Actually Makes Sense

You see the people their didn’t consider one key thing:maybe due to years of prude behaviours and repressed feelings we only get off when we see other people suffering, and have no respect for ourselves or the people we bring into our bedroom. How else could you explain Spring Break ?

The again you have people working more hours for less pay so of course you can’t fuck happily if you are over worked and broke. Context is everything with that last statement as I have met women who have been broke and over-worked but that just because they go drunk at a frat-party. But consensual bludgeoning aside, for Americans as a whole, the length of a typical work-week hasn’t changed much in years. But for many middle-class workers, job obligations are creeping into free time and family time. For low-income workers, hours have declined due to a shrinking job market, causing underemployment. Either your working too much or too little.

Just looking at these graphs makes me flaccid, which is pretty amazing being that I am research I see graphs all fucking day. (Uhm I am not sporting an erection while I write this though the wording may seem to indicate so)

The Silver Lining

I think this is good for America though. First off we have become after the cold War a factory for producing people allergic to Wheat Glutten and Peanut Butter. I wonder how can we keep up our neo-colonial empire when huge swaths of our nation can be decimated with peanut butter and jelly sammich? I say the less we enjoy life the better. Imagine enough people start enjoying life they will want to have more personal times with their families. This may lead to reading or talking to their neighbours. Eventually people will get ideas: like they are entitled to fair wages, or that we should invest in ourselves instead of investing in War overseas and letting I veterans die from PTSD complication.

While I do not expect America to change in my life time, I do imagine that flights to Brazil and Australia to get more affordable as I go into my 40’s




  1. Hmm, Mexico isn’t THAT far away…

    Just kidding. It’s funny how we as a society can be so loose and uptight at the same time. Interesting how much may be tied to the economy.


  2. I’m so PROUD to be Greek! 🙂 Another reason may be due to all the homophobic ranting and hatred in America. No one has the energy to become energized anymore! LOL! 🙂 Outstanding writing and choice of topic, my friend!


  3. Wow Australia made number 9, my sex life is not satisfying at the moment but I guess I should be pleased for the rest of the country! I’m not surprised to see Spain and Italy near the top, but I wouldn’t have guessed Switzerland for the top spot.


    • That’s real altruism to be please for others although personally your own sex life isnt satisfying. I have met many girls from Oz and they were fun. Like fun to talk to, fun to joke with. I wasnt surprised at all that Australia made the list. Switzerland has chocolate and xenophobia so together it works for them I suppose lol


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