Satirical Thoughts || Americans love Bullying and need it !!!

I want to talk about bullying.

Against all odds I have come up with another flawlessly logical deduction as to why we need bullying in our society. I know many of you are saying this is horrible MrMary bullying is wrong and all civilized people are against bullying.  To those who say that I would like to ask you when was the last time you saw a civilized person. What is a civilized a vegetarian who likes to paint landscapes and journals his struggles for the others? -Yeah that was Hitler a vegetarian painter and author of Mein Kampf (My Struggle). OK maybe I was off. What is a civilized person nowadays, someone who relents on pushing it in deeper when you say stop?  If that is all it takes to be a civilized person, at least according to the women’s magazines I read when I’m on line at the super market, then we are fucked aren’t we ?

We Bully Each Other Every Day

Individual Training Course - Weapons and Tactics

Since September 11, 2001, U.S. Special Operations forces have grown in every conceivable way, from their numbers to their budget.  Most telling, however, has been the exponential rise in special ops deployments globally.  This presence — now, in nearly 70% of the world’s nations — provides new evidence of the size and scope of a secret war being waged from Latin America to the backlands of Afghanistan, from training missions with African allies to information operations launched in cyberspace.

baneThe problem with bullying is that when we think about it we think back to our days on the school yard being pushed around, having our lunch money stolen. But we don’t think of the fact that American Special ops are operating in a host of secret wars in 70% of the countries on the earth. We don’t think that our boss forcing us to work extra hours for lesser pay or yelling and belittling a shy employee is bullying. We dont think of bullying as economic policies that continually disadvantage one set of people so that another smaller set can continue living the lap of luxury. So please with this bullying shit.

There are only one group of people who detest bullying, and that are from what I have gathered from the commercial upper middle to higher class people living in the suburbs. You know when I grew up no one cared that the cops would bully us, no one cared that economic situation were so difficult that many resorted to violence to survive.

We Need Bullying

Bullying and abuse creates comedians. Steve jobs was bullied as a child. Every time we buy something off iTunes or something Apple related we should thank those bullies. George St Pierre one of the greatest Mix martial artist was bullied. Funny-man Chris Rock was bullied. Actually  many famous people were able to take the pain from bullying and transform it into an unbreakable will to succeed. American Foreign policy is all about bullying, toppling democracies around the world, sponsoring death squads, massive surveillence of world leaders etc.

  1. If we didn’t bully anyone what would do with all our weapons ?
  2. If we didn’t bully anyone what would we do with the poor to entertain ourselves?

If some parts of my life weren’t so horrible, and if I didn’t think suicide was a cop out  you wouldn’t be reading this blog. I would have developed this great sense of style, humour and writing as a means to cope with oceans of pain. The man I am today is in part thanks to those savage beating and epic bouts of loneliness.

What we do need is Post Bullying Support

Some people do not come back from Bullying, some people do. We need to help people who have been bullied turn that into fuel for success. Those that cannot and fall to the way side we can chalk up to natural selection ?

Whaddya say?






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  1. I was bullied by Shedra when I was in 6th grade. I just took to carrying a softball bat to school. She may have said a lot, like ‘Ha, you need a bat to feel safe.’ etc…but she didn’t come near me. HAH! Although she DID stick me with one of those long pointy sticks they give you to work with clay. Stole it out of the art room and poked me hard while I was walking down the stairs. Bitch. But very inventive. I wonder where she is now? Maybe she’s a comedian…


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