Today @ 4pm I got heat & Running Water. This Joke from Paul Mooney also came to mine

1601090_10151915619461687_1041503739_nThe deep freeze hit the US, and plunge everyone into this sacerdotal reverie for all things summer.  As luck or circumstances would have it, pipes in my building burst and long story short there was no heat or hot water for four days.  I once lived in a drafted basement with no heat or hot water for a year. The best part was that this basement opened into a back alley where I saw drugs being sold, a cop case, rapid pit-bulls and dirty used condoms, but that is a story for another day.

A friend from across the pond, asked me today, how did it feel when it was 4 degrees outside and -11 with windchill taken into account and 32 degrees inside your house? Immediately I thought of this joke from Paul Mooney (Adult and offensive language is used check out now if you offend easily).



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