MrMary on Religion & Rich Catholics Hating the Pope


octomom-home-alone-cover_400x565I joke around  a lot about Catholicism. My family is Roman Catholic I received some sacraments went to Catholic Elementary and all Boy Catholic Prep school. It’s hard not to make fun of an institution that despite centuries of human right abuses like promotion of slavery, burning women, and raping children still thinks it can tell others about morals and God. That would be like a porn-star who can fit 80 fingers inside her at once talking about abstinence (like who takes the Octo-Mom seriously?)

One of my favorite memories of going to mass the few times I did was the dramatic sign of peace. This is where you turn to your neighbors and shake theirs hands and wish them peace. Though we were in the back of the Church, my father and I were the only two negros in that part. It might have as well been the back of the bus, in Montgomery Alabama back in the day because no one really wanted us to give us  the sign or handshake or peace.

I managed to maneuver and thrust myself forward, closing the distance between myself and some lady. Watching Shaq play for the Orlando Magic taught me a lot about boxing someone out, and closing the gap. Anyways she had no place to go so she relented to shake my hand. You would think I was a walking disease, she only held the tips of my fingers and gave me that weird smile I have noticed some Caucasian give when they see young black men who do not look and sound like Wayne Brady or Bryant Gumbel, or Anatale Broyard.

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On a side note/tangent that look is  an admixture (or maybe odd-mixture) of fear (oh my God, they are going to rape my wife and daughter and raze our neighborhood to the ground with the bombastic beats of their jungle music), panic ( they’ve made eye contact and notice me noticing them what do I ? Do I back up slowly and then run like I would for animals in the wild) and a little loathing (“Fuck why did these pieces of shit actually come here, isn’t the ghetto big enough for them” –  I heard this verbatim one day).

But back to the issue at hand

Rich Catholics Threaten Pope Francis — Because He Frightens Them

Kenneth Langone the billionaire investor warned that he and his overprivileged friends might withhold their millions from church and charity unless the pontiff stops preaching against the excesses and cruelty of unleashed capitalism. According to Langone, such criticism from the Holy See could ultimately hurt the sensitive feelings of the rich so badly that they become “incapable of feeling compassion for the poor.” He also said rich donors are already losing their enthusiasm for the restoration of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan — a very specific threat that he mentioned directly to Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York.

Usually when Catholics are scared of a Catholic religious figure sodomy is involved.  In this case hypocrisy was the culprit. Religion is a sociological institution that nothing to do with God clearly if you look at it’s action in the public and historic sphere. Maybe I should be more specific here.

For me God is first and foremost a concept. God is not something that is concrete or real like condoms or STD’s. (Actually when the itching or burning starts, you just may have a spiritual experience). It is up to each individual person to decide whether or not this concept has any truth to it and act accordingly. Religious people build a series of habits and social constructs around some common ideology or experience; like not eating fish on Friday – which had disastrous ramifications for the spread of cunnilingus, and female merriment. Whether you  believe in god or not that is your own private thing, like how you like to have sex or what type of Cigarette you like having afterwards. All that matters at the end of the day is that your not a dick.


12.13.13C.Pope-Greed-600x400I saw this coming. You tell people for centuries they have to be “good” to get heaven and turn a blind eye to the abuses of the elite because they give you money for fancier robes and the like. Actually for a while through usury people can pay to get to heaven, which is the religious equivalent of selling someone the Brooklyn Bridge. I’m curious what the Pope will do next. Now that he has pissed off some rich people, and the Mafia I feel it is only a matter of time before his assassination, which would do good for the sensationalist news media especially since the last assassination they covered was that of Princess Di.

As with most things in life, this whole situation can be summed up by a 50 cents song.


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