MrMary’s 5 things on 85% of the lists out there for you to do in 2014 – A WEEK OF LISTS

Every time the New Year rolls by , we are inundated with lists: lists of things to do, things to see, things to eat, new thing to read, new things to learn, etc. I thought I would give you guys 7 days of lists.  Starting with today’s list the 3 things on 85% of the lists out there for you to do in 2014.

Reader Discretion is advised as the following contains some adult language and jokes

5 things on 85% of the lists out there for you to do in 2014.

# 1: Be Happy Every Day

download (10)You may not know it, probably because chances are if you read this blog you come from a country with high-speed internet access, history of kill Natives, and aren’t living in abject poverty (unless you are from Detroit)*; but happiness is possible, mathematically at least. I do not know many happy people. I have met many people who claim to be happy and have perfectly clean kitchens and to quote Bukowski,”have spiritually detestable qualities”. For me happiness unlike strife or change is not a constant species so I question its reality. I’d rather be inwardly content with whatever state I find myself to be in.

# 2 Pursue Work You Really Love

Love your job

Pursuing work you love is rather different that finding  work you really love. You have to run to catch a zebra but, not everyone who runs after one catches it. Again searching and finding are rather different. Since we are not all in highschool I don’t have to bullshit you. Once you are divorced from expectation  you will find a lot of work you love. I found that I loved writing a lot more when I didn’t expect much from it. It was fun, and so I did it and that way new worlds opened up for me.

# 3 Visit A Country

12tenderloin_3-popupYou don’t have to be rich to visit another country, I can almost guarantee that for like 93% of you there is a whole other world about 30 min drive from you . I live in a  sorta nice neighborhood, 20-30  minutes away are the slums are Newark. It’s a whole new world, Shining, shimmering, splendid especially when you wander haphazardly into a gunfight. Slum tourism is big, nowadays, I wrote a few things about it in 2013. You Just may like it!

# 4 Improve Your Weaknesses

Superhero WeaknessesIt may come as a surprise but your life isn’t a Marvel or DC Comic. Your weaknesses are just that: weakness. As a mortal weakness that grow old and ultimately succumbs to the siren-call of death. I think it’s good to be aware of your weakness. By being aware I mean understand the contexts where it manifests, what reason is this my weakness etc. I think its folly to approach yourself like a celebrity charity where you see something you don’t like and throw attention and money at it without fundamentally understanding it.

# 5 Do Something Different

1484262_619815004720629_951412271_n (1)

Actually don’t people who think different or don’t fall in line are heavily watched and probably are on an FBI list. So I would suggest not doing things too different. Keep it simple, switch hands when you take yourself to space mountain.


  1. Gawd I love your writing. My goals are to follow your goals, baaahhhh….I’m a sheepeople. No but seriously, minus the slum tourism. I grew up in a slum so screw that. But as for the rest? Do something I love is easy…my job is poorly paid and wonderfully fun. But the sausage machine was deeply troubling. Was that a sausage machine? Be happy? Done. Do something different…harder. Does it count if I don’t use a my favorite coffee cup in the morning or should I aim high?
    Have a Happy, prosperous, inventive and fun New Year!


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