Do We Live in A Dystopia ? 1/3

Dystopia Word CloudI am not going to present you disconcerting facts. I will instead offer you some thoughts of what I have observed over the short span of time, about 32 years I have been on this lonely rock, 93 million miles from the sun.

Only I Exist

feature-rich-poor-evil-compassion-psychology-study-science-wealthy-incomeHuman beings do not think in terms of absolutes, rather we tend to think solipsistically in terms of benefit. There is no absolute good or bad. There is only thinking along the lines of “whether something is good for me or not.”

There has to be a reason to help someone because simply people suffering or in harsh conditions are not deserving of help. If you don’t believe me look at the neo-colonial propensities of American foreign policy.

If we are to get more into the terms dystopia and utopia are concepts, they are opposing ideologies. Depending on who we are, our society may gravitate more towards the realities depicted by one of these ideologies.  From our history, we know that there will always be social divisions along class, race, religious, and other arbitrarily chosen lines. Our country is a alkanised strata of human activity.

The patricians of Rome did not live through the same struggles and tribulations as the plebeians or slaves of that same city. The scene that comes to mind from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar is:

Upon what meat doth this our Caesar feed
That he is grown so great? Age, thou art shamed!
Rome, thou hast lost the breed of noble bloods!

The quality of food the nobles of Rome enjoyed was of much higher grade than the plebes, just as Caesar was sustain by a greater meat than the nobles could afford. So for such crimes he was slain by his illegitimate son Brutus, –Not that he loved Caesar less, but that he loved Rome more. 

Getting Back to It

But to get back, one question we must ask ourselves is ‘for whom’. If we say North Korea is the best example of a dystopia, we have to ask for whom? The word “we” carries with it different social realities for the person who says it. Perhaps feudalism never died, but just evolved to a point where the demarcation lines between the different social strata aren’t discussed much in the public space.
So if I say the American society is headed towards exposing a dystopia ideology, I don’t think the society I speak of will include the Kardashians, or famous athletes, the top 1% and their filial company’s who can sway legislation, or the politicians.
I figure I would get into the facts in the next post, but here are some interesting titles of many that I have saved over the last year.


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