A Satirical look at 2013′s Major Events|| Miley Cyrus

Where do I even start with Miley Cyrus?

My mother told me once that if you have nothing nice to say then to shut up. She also told me I was going to marry a nice Haitian girl but that didn’t fucking happen. So then Ms Miley Cyrus…

2013 Miley Cyrus’ Year

But beyond her ballsy fashion choices and controversial performances and statements, you have to remember that Miley successfully reinvented herself with a successful new album and a whole new look. So kudos to her for dominating a very busy 2013!

Aside from that the fact that we feel dirty after watching, what do Miley Cyrus and a woman in a bukkake film have in common? – Although she is plastered all over the news media headlines, she is still empty inside at the end of the day.


That’s mean of me to say. Basically if I can put away my sarcasm and cynicism for a bit, I have always felt that if someone has real talent they do not have to resort to cheap gimmicks and sensational antics  to court, and face-fuck the public into paying attention to them.

Was there a different way of letting the public know that she doesn’t want to be seen as the wholesome Disney personage she used to pretend to be? She could have:

  1. Read a Book/Gone to College
  2. Hung out/Dated/Partied with Lindsay Lohan
  3. Put out a really good acoustic album

comics-miley-cyrus-celebrities-Halloween-931608But I do not hold her completely responsible for her decent into licentious, tongue-out shenanigans. The public is part to blame. The public has an insatiable urge to see and ridicule another person’s, depravity. It’s always better when that other person is a celebrity. There is this tide of schadenfreude that ebbs throughout our society.

Why else would Miley go from Disney Wholesome to the Whore of Babylon riding into our living rooms on the back of the 7 headed beast that is mass media today? I think this is setting a bad example for young girls. Basically to be worthy of attention one has to sell oneself as a hyper-sexualized being incapable of functioning i.e a passive recipient, or in other words a walking orifice.

Just my thought



  1. Miley Cyrus gave everyone exactly what they wanted and they ate it up – every bit of it – then hypocritically criticized her for it. Miley is not a good songwriter, not a good singer, a not a good actress. Nonetheless she found a way to entertain us and that she did 100% successfully.


  2. I couldn’t agree more ..Every single word..Could say more(& I did shortly after her public tryst with Robin Thicke on stage..) but my Momma said the same@If you’ve got nothing nice to say…


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