Illogical but True || Walmart Sells Counterfeit Prints Of Banksy’s ‘Destroy Capitalism’. What it means for free thought.


Anything For  Buck

It seems ironical at first but it’s much more so than that. It’ really rather insidious. If You think about it, the symbols we use for self expression do not belong to us. As I reported here, Time Warner owns the Guy Fawkes mask. Every time someone wears it, to protest or to articulate some political, and sometimes anti-capitalistic sentiment, Time Warner cable profits.

12352581-press-and-mass-media-conceptsThis may not seem a big deal until you think about the fact that Time Warner is one of five companies who, along with VIACOM, Vivendi Universal, Walt Disney and News Corp own 95% of the all media outlets in the world. They help set the standards of what is socially acceptable. They help sell wars, they help perpetuate stereotypes, which in turn affect public policy and social attitudes.

In his book The Commercialization of American Culture, Matthew P. McAllister stipulates that “a well-developed media system, informing and teaching its citizens, helps democracy move toward its ideal state. But is mass media informing and teaching its citizens?  There are topics never discussed intelligently if at all through the media:

Class warfare and the disenfranchisement of huge sections of the populations

  1. Historical abuses and exploitative practices of our government and the companies thaty nfill their private coffers wit blood money.
  2. Failing education
  3. The subversion of democracy through undocument campaign money

It pays to look at what the media consistently does not talk about.

guy-13567But my point is that when the vehicles of our self-expression are own by corporations how free are we to think independantly, and dissent from the ideology being forced down our throats by the 24 hour a day blitzkrieg of media images and propaganda:

  • Che-Guevarra a revolutionary figure is now a T-SHirt
  • Jesus is a comical figure now to be put on trucker hats, funny t-shirts
  • Bob Marley is a t-shirt, and icon for marijuana use
  • The Guy Fawkes Masks is a money maker for Time Warner
  • The Works of Banksy  they are empty mass produced decorations to be sold at Walmart.

Everything that could have once inspired people to change, religion, historical figures, musician, art work etc is now a subverted symbol, of corporate over-reach.

I wonder what will be symbol of free thought that will fall under the purchasing power of some nefarious corporation. Corporations are so tied into all aspects of our lives I don’t think it will be long until we ourselves are nothing more than protoplasmic walking adverts for the next iPhone, new car, TV-show, some nonsense ….

of course I could be wrong, and this is just another elaborate scheme from Banksy to build more hype … who knows?

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