My Epic Thanksgiving Rant : Having Thanksgiving in American Indian Heritage Month

Epic Rant

Without a doubt America is and has been  a violent belligerent nation. Thanks to our drone armies we have made a whole generation of people afraid of the sky-  the one time sacrosanct home of the Gods, and collective source of wonderment. However having Thanksgiving which I describe as “a celebration of our legal genocidal campaign to terrorize and destroy a race of people and the civilization they built from the annals of the lobotomized history we have manufactured for posterity” during the American Indian Heritage Month has to be the most tyrannical episode of institutional apathy ever recorded.


Now I don’t want to get off on a rant here, can we just admit that America doesn’t care about Native Americans?

You may be surprised to learn that “Native Americans” share something in common with “dinosaurs” in that both these words describe something I haven’t really seen before. and probably won’t since Natives are sequestered away in poverty as part of the whole out of sight out of mind campaign. Speaking of words I haven’t seen before how about, atonement – defined as reparation for wrong or injury. That would is an anathema to American politics.

I know what you are going to say: “Small steps MrMary!, we have to take small steps to address our historic wrongs.” You know the only thing that moves slower than the USA to recognize their genocide against the First Peoples,…  and after my generation shuffles off its collective mortal coil, “glacier” will join the its fellows “Native Americans” and “dinosaurs” in the myth category.

As an African-American I get it (well I get some of it). The majority of people views natives through a looking glass tainted with a few centuries worth of horrible dehumanizing 272805_origstereotypes. Then of course some native Americans are able to do well for themselves and everyone thinks that Native’s everywhere are finally better off since a handful are making money from casinos. It gives them a perfect excuse to forget that:

About 40% of our country’s 4.9 million Native Americans live on reservations  where the living conditions are “comparable to Third World.”

1 out 3 Native Women will be raped in her life of course there is the systematic failures of the judicial system both in and out the reservation.

In 1990 President George H. W. Bush approved a joint resolution designating November 1990 “National American Indian Heritage Month.”  Imagine that no one saw what a gross over sight it might have been to end a month celebrating Native Culture, with their biggest mistake which was feeding starving Europeans.

And on top of that what we imagine to be Thanksgiving, is a farce. The Pilgrims found religious freedom in Holland but came to the colonies for economic reasons. There was no fucking pumpkin pie at the First Thanksgiving, Sara Lee wasn’t around yet. The first thanksgiving meal probably took place in the South, not on Plymouth Rock.

images (3)Actually Sara Josepha Hale started The thanksgiving we know. This lady read about the 1621 feast of the Pilgrims and decided to create from it a National Holiday. She published a book of recipes for turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie and started traditions that had nothing to do with the colonists. She began a lobbying campaign to persuade President Abraham Lincoln to make Thanksgiving an official annual holiday.

Man that’s all is takes a propaganda campaign. I got a new Idea day, let’s make Nat TurnerDay a national holiday. Actually that’s wrong of me to say. Let’s make Custer’s last stance at Little Big Horn a National Holiday!! We can celebrating by Hacking the dick of dildos and putting a stake through the testes, effectively nailing them to the ground as a nice lawn ornaments.

Clearly we as a collective don’t give a shit about our Native Peoples. Which is a shame really. Maybe one day,  we can at least bring up our former genocidal campaigns  and at least try to address the poverty on the reservations. Hopefully when that does happen it wont be because of  some Red Dawn scenario has occurred and our captors and tormentors have decided to put those of us left alive into the reservations we put our Natives in for irony.




  1. History is what is subjectively decided upon by those who write it. The Bible is a great example. Civilizations the world over have recreated history. Our shame is in how we have rewritten both slavery and Indian civilization and history. Bravo to you for this post.


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