MrMary Tackles Men’s Health for Movember ||Things that Will Improve your Health #2 – My Mistakes

Look at the Moustache, and Respect it!

2013-09-26_11.38.32 I have made many many many mistakes, and in retrospect I can see that I have learned a lot from them. A friend of mine recently signed away his freedom proposed to his girlfriend. I had the good fortune of talking with him and sharing with him some of my wisdom at a strip club  while supporting a local business.

I would like to continue this sharing with you guys. In particular this post is aimed at my younger male readers. Granted you will make many mistakes in life like I and my friends have, however I feel if you can avoid as best as possible making some of our mistakes it might help you somewhere down the road.


General Money Mistakes We’ve Made


  1. Secure a steady pay check at least approximately $42,692 (which was the adjusted national average in 2012 in the USA) before any thought of settling down with another person.
  2. Always save, anywhere from 4-10% of your earnings and don’t touch it. This is separate from your 401K and all that junk
  3. Learn how to budget well so that you can live within your means!
  4. Your student loans should not total more than $25,000 especially for your undergrad and your rent should be more more than 35% of your gross income. There are many funding and grant opportunities out there that you can take advantage of.

Personal Care


  1. Invest in yourself ! Make sure  to monitor your holistic health once something comes up see some one right away its better to err on the side of caution
  2. Regular exercise – This doesn’t mean jogging around the block when you are less and less able to see your dick when you look down.  Along with this come proper nutrition etc. This doesn’t mean you have to look like Arnold in pumping iron. Or that you have to spend hour in the gym.
  3. A network of friends and family and supporters is very important esp when life beats you down.
  4. Seriously first impression are amazingly important, like even more important than you think



  1. Sincerity. Save yourself a lot of trouble and be sincere. If you can be sincere with yourself then you can be sincere with others. The same can be said for honesty. They go together honesty
  2. There is no greater “sin” than wasting time. Never let someone waste your time. Never waste someone else’s time.
  3. When I was still on the market I would ask myself three things when I would consider a lady for a long term investiture of time: 1_ could I trust this person with my money ? 2_ could I trust this person with my dog 3_  could you trust this person to keep their mouths shut

General Stuff ( MrMary’s Personal Notes)

  1. Please Read – Read everything not on tablets  or electronic Device  but paper bound books.
  2. Every year try and learn something complete new – a language a new hobby, a skill . Keep your mind active and fresh
  3. Delve into your family history.  It amazingly fulfilling to learn about the situations the presided in the lives of your loved one before you showed up. Its your link back into the great current of history
  4. Learn to cook. Well not only learn how to cook but learn how to cook and clean the dishes as you go along. Whoever you are with will thank you. I’ve tried and asked around, that whole you cook and I wash shit doesn’t help.
  5. Learn to fix stuff around the house. I have learned  to do a whole bunch of stuff around the house. I started out with a hammer and my father in laws cell phone number. Now I can paint, fix clogs some light tile work. I know what tools I need to have in my tool box. It’s amazingly satisfying to fix something that a year or two ago you would have called a plumber for.
  6. Go outside your comfort Zones now and then. There was a time when MrMary was shy couldn’t talk to women and was extremely socially awkward.
  7. Never fucking work for free !!! Your time and energy are valuable. This doesn’t mean that everything will get you $$$$, compensation may be a recommendation or for a favour etc..

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