Cops Gone Wild || Black cyclist hospitalized after accosted the SFPD

Cops are At It Again

Yesterday afternoon, while riding his bicycle home from the Make A Wish Foundation’s “Bat Kid” happenings, DJ was confronted by two undercover police officers in an unmarked vehicle at the Valencia Gardens Apartments in the City’s Mission District. Apparently, the officers said something to DJ about riding his bicycle on the sidewalk as he was pulling up to his home in the complex. It is unclear whether the officers identified themselves or not, but did proceed to get out of their car, grab DJ from behind as he was entering the home and beat him for no apparent reason. A police search uncovered a cupcake and juice that DJ had just purchased from the corner store. Nobody has spoken to DJ since the incident occurred as he was immediately taken to S.F. General Hospital for treatment, and then to the 850 Bryant police station. So far, it appears no charges have been made against DJ either. There is building video surveillance footage of DJ’s confrontation w/ police, but it that has yet to be released by housing authority. Furthermore, three residents came to DJ’s aid when they saw officers beating him up, only to find themselves also under attack by officers. By this time, uniformed backup had arrived on the scene. Including DJ, a total of four individuals were beaten and arrested by officers.

Some Research

Hypersegregation is a form of racial segregation that consists of the geographical grouping of racial groups. Most often, this occurs in cities where the residents of the inner city are African Americans and the suburbs surrounding this inner core are often white European American residents. 

While the number of murders in America fell 9% from the 1980s to the 1990s the crime rates in the hypersegregated inner-cities of America rose. Young African-American men are eleven times more likely to be shot to death and nine times more likely to be murdered than their European American peers. Poverty, high unemployment, and broken families, all factors more prevalent in hyper-segregated inner-cities, all contribute significantly to the unequal levels of violence experienced by African-Americans. Research has proven that the more segregated the surrounding European American suburban ring is, the rate of violent crime in the inner-city will rise, but, likewise, crime in the outer area will drop.

What does this mean ? – We are seeing hypersegregation in action. There are policies in place that allow this to continue and the result is always the same.

While news of the altercation spread through the projects. In the video below, you can see a beaten D’Paris struggling to walk, yelling “What the fuuuck?” and being taken into custody. As residents stepped outside in curiosity and protest, police cars began swarming the Gardens, ostensibly to prevent a riot.

Once the dust had cleared, four individuals were placed under arrest, including a man with HIV whose cane was classified as a “deadly weapon,” a semi-conscious D’Paris, and bloody, bearded Orlando, who told reporters from Uptown Almanac that D’Paris spent the weekend in the infirmary, looking like “he was in a bad car accident.” By Monday, three of the men had been released, and D’Paris was charged with one felony for assault, three felonies for resisting, and one misdemeanor for the bicycle infraction that started off the whole thing.

This reminds me of a speech by Malcolm X I heard when I was younger. Btw listening to Malcolm X doesn’t make me a radical or an angry person. And yes Obama is president and blacks can vote, and we can be a side character in a TV show with Zoey Deschanel, I don’t mind holding hands with you, and singing songs about freedom, yes love is still the answer, and things have changed but the problem is still here



  1. There is no excuse for this one!! The man was on the ground when he continued to be hit with the baton. The sound of bones braking was almost unbearable. Reblog!!


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