MrMary Tackles Men’s Health for Movember ||Things that Will Improve your Health #2 – Doctor Visits


Men die at higher rates than women for all of the top 10 causes of death.

Hey Fellas,

Without health there is not much you can do. One rule which has proven itself time and time again is that all the money in the world is for naught if you are in poor health. If you are unwell:

  • Who will wash the dishes after dinner ?
  • Who will family, friends and spouse turn to, to ask for money ?
  • Who is going to shit on your personal dream w/ every outrageous demand and nag ?

Wait. hmmm

annieAs attractive as that bit of cynicism may sound let’s be honest: being sick fucking sucks. There is no greater embarrassment than being in the hospital with tubes poking into you and having a ham-fisted nurse with a grip that should have given her a career in equestrian porn ,clean your nether regions. Or can you imagine, every time you are awake being in so much pain that you have to take these amazing pain-killers than reduce you to a vegetable hanging around  what used to be your living room.

But you know, I’m not a motivational speaker. I’m not going to dress it up and put a little bonnet on it (unless my lady says yes and I have to wear a condom. So let’s get to it!

Why Don’t Guys Like Going to the Hospital

Nothing reminds one of their mortality more than some pencil neck fuck throwing big words at you like your dumb, half dressed in a gown that is every Catholic priests dream in that it exposes your backside to attack.  We have to really look at these attitudes of recalcitrance (“toughing it out”,”I don’t have time, I’m fine, It doesn’t hurt too much). They do not happen in  vacuum. We have to admit that this attitude is feed by social attitudes and practices. I think we have to re-analyse what we messages we feed to the male population in its entirety about their worth and how they are to act social, when it comes to their self image, worth and health.

Bottom Line:

2013-09-26_11.38.32There are many diseases and ailments that do not have many outward signs in their early stages. Being proactive can help address these issues before they grow in size and become unstoppable. There are many simple things you can do right now to better your health, that will give many positive returns in your future. I think our responsibility to our loved ones requires we take our health seriously. Unless you a fucking doctor you should shut the fuck up and get that fat doughy ass to the doctors.

I’ll be making an appointment within a week as I havent been to a doctors in about two years, granted my father is a doctor and I consult with him very often but its nice to have a real appointment. So join me

Cya soon




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