Illogical But True : Ohio Walmart Is Running a Food Drive for Its Own Workers


The photo up above is from a Walmart in Canton Ohio where, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, management has apparently decided to run a Thanksgiving food drive for the store’s own employees. One might be tempted to take this as a sign that the country’s largest retailer (and grocer) doesn’t pay their workers enough to put a holiday meal on the table. The company, however, would prefer you think of it as proof that Walmart employees are a tight-knit bunch:

Kory Lundberg, a Walmart spokesman, said the food drive is proof that employees care about each other. “It is for associates who have had some hardships come up,” he said. “Maybe their spouse lost a job. “This is part of the company’s culture to rally around associates and take care of them when they face extreme hardships,” he said.

The Elephant in the Room

Wal-Mart is not just the world’s largest retailer. It’s the world’s largest company–bigger than ExxonMobil, General Motors, and General Electric. The scale can be hard to absorb. Wal-Mart sold $244.5 billion worth of goods last year.It does more business than Target, Sears, Kmart, J.C. Penney, Safeway, and Kroger combined. “Clearly,” says Edward Fox, head of Southern Methodist University’s J.C. Penney Center for Retailing Excellence, “Wal-Mart is more powerful than any retailer has ever been.” It is, in fact, so big and so furtively powerful as to have become an entirely different order of corporate being.

I wonder will giving it employees a livable wage be too much to ask ? No company pays as little as Walmart, check the link below. While of course the canned food drive will help of course of course wont paying them better? I know that if you demand higher wages the company can give in and hire less, in effect, increasing the workload on each employee. I also know that

> U.S. workforce: 1.4 million
> CEO compensation: $20.7 million
> Revenue: $469 billion
> Net income: $17.0 billion
> No. of U.S. stores: 4,759

I am not an economist, and maybe someone can help me understand how much would the company lose ? Would it destroy their profits ? I wonder if companies not juat walmart paid workers a living wage how many less people nation wide would not need to apply for welfare and the like ?
I was on the site: and read that:

America’s minimum wage was raised to $7.25 per hour on July 24, 2009.  It’s still there.  Unlike almost all other federal benchmarks, the minimum wage is not updated for inflation. The minimum wage reached its (inflation-adjusted) historic high in 1968, when it was raised from $1.40 to $1.60 per hour.  Adjusted for inflation using the BLS online inflation calculator that would come to $10.55 per hour in 2012 dollars.

That $10.55 figure is the focus of a nationwide campaign organized by the National Employment Law Project (NELP).  In today’s political climate it would certainly be a major accomplishment to achieve a $10.55 minimum wage.  But $10.55 is still far too low. Using 1968 as our benchmark for the minimum wage implies that low-wage Americans today should be making just as much as low-wage Americans were making 44 years ago.  That benchmark is — frankly — ridiculous.

So what do you think  about this ?
All thoughts welcome


5 thoughts on “Illogical But True : Ohio Walmart Is Running a Food Drive for Its Own Workers

  1. In Australia the minimum wage is $16.37 per hour. I’m terrible at conversions but I’m guess that would bring it down to about $15 US? That said though, our labour costs are recognized as being one reason we can’t compete with cheap imports from Asia. But those cheap imports mostly come from international companies out-sourcing to Asia because virtual slave labour there is so much cheaper than a living wage at home.

    It’s like a snake eating its own tail. As workers we want a living wage but as consumers we want cheap products. Sadly you really can’t have it all.:(


  2. I am from vancouver,canada and i wanted to say that this food drive is an insult to the walmart workers.These workers should not participate in this derogatory scam against them.During the time of slavery the slaves got food from their masters also.This is a sure sign that labour and capital got nothing in common. Workers always had to fight for their rights.All unions and people should support these walmart workers


    1. Hey Stan !

      I really do believe that this is highly insulting to the workers at Walmart. Rights and respect were never given they were something as you said that had to be fought for. I wonder how can people fight against it when corporations have such influence in politics more so than the individual citizens ?

      Hope all is well in Vancouver ! It remains near the top of my list of places to visit.


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