When Bill Gates Became Rich he Eradicated poverty in Appalachia & Other Political Lies

rush andOprah

In a recent interview, Oprah was asked if Obama faces racism. She said that she believes “there is a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. And that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he is African American.” She cited when Republican congressman Joe Wilson shouted, “You’re a liar” at Obama during a speech in 2009 as an example.

“Then how the hell did you become who you were?” Limbaugh said in response on Friday. “Why hasn’t anyone in your audience ever said ‘You lie!’? Because you have.”

He said that people are “ignorant” if they believe critics who say the president is lying are racist. “My God, Oprah, Obama was lying,” Limbaugh said.

He continued, “But Oprah, if black people in this country are so mistreated and so disrespected, how in the name of Sam Hill did you happen?… If there is a level of disrespect simply because he’s black then how, Oprah, have you managed to become the at-one-time most popular and certainly wealthiest television personality?”

Other Lies

Because you don’t agree with me the entirety of my view is rendered Invalid !

Seriously I see this everywhere. I think there is an underlying arrogance that people who act this way have. They must think that they alone see the world as it is and there can be no fault in their perception of reality. Luckily if you have a Facebook account you’ve seen this. What I find odd is  the refusal to think that there might be something outside ones range of thought/experience. What this clearly means to me was that all the A’s we got in grade school for ‘works well with others’ was a lie. We’ve been living a sham, because listening was one of the key skills we were supposed to learn.

If One Person from an ethnic group makes it all the ills plaguing that group no longer exist.

Clearly since some Native Americans have made some  $$$ with their casinos there isn’t mass poverty among native population and or blatant discrimination against them in American Society. All the Native Americans who dare speak up about the poverty, the mass rape of their women, etc are all liars who are looking to cheat the system because they do not want to make an effort.

I’m sure you’ve seen some other lies ? Care to share them below in the comment section.


One comment

  1. Reminds me of the people who say, “O.J. Simpson got off, so it proves that racism is nonexistent in the criminal justice system.” There’s a lie I’ve heard a lot. And how ridiculous that Limbaugh, one of the most prominent white supremacists of this era, thinks racism is nonexistent when he himself is such a bigot!


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