MrMary Celebrates Inovation|| These two women are why more Women hould be exposed to more STEM

numbers_33-percentFor those of you who do not know MrMary works in the field of scientific research. One of my main complains about working in research is that mote often than not it feels like an old boys club, but not the kind of boys I grew up with. In many sub disciplines of science there are very few women and the air is stale. I have always been a supporter of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), and more so brings in people who aren’t traditionally found in the field.

I think the world is facing many issues and we need as many brains on the issues as we can spare. I think now more than ever we need those who think outside the  box and are creative.  I saw this ad for the invisible helmet and found it really well done, really creative and well thought out. It was engaging too. I thought I would share:

Take a look what do you think.


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