On Blogging & Friendship || Waiting to Hear from A Friend in the Phillipines

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I am fortunate in that one of the longest followers and supporter of my blogger is a blogger herself. I have been able to talk with her much despite the 11 hours time difference. Now the 11 hour difference has taken on a whole new meaning. The most powerful typhoon in recorded history hit the Philippines this weekend and I am waiting to hear how she is fairing. I always hate waiting. So while I wait to hear news from her and hope that her and her family escaped the fury of mother nature unscathed, I thought I would talk to you honest, person to person, not so much again blogger to reader.

I must say that while the world has always been a scary place, a whole new dimension has been added to the “scariness”. When I was young, although I didn’t know it the Cold War was on its last legs and the nightmare of nuclear war seemed to be fading to the recesses of thought for many people. I can always remember the aura of dread that pervaded everything growing up. The chaos worldwide reared its ugly head in the city streets, in my classroom perhaps even as I grew older within myself as I had to suppress that positivity, and idealistic attitude to be able to deal with a world that is often times without remorse.

But now, instead of a neutron bomb, natural events threaten the safety of many around the world. Super storm Sandy hit NYC last year, and like the Typhoon Haiyan(the largest typhoon in recorded history to every hit land) left devastation of property and broken lives in its wake. Sometimes I think that as good as it is that the internet brings us all closer, it also  places is more in positions of vulnerability where we cannot turn a blind eye to the plight of others. When you think about it, it’s amazing how tied and linked to one another we are economically and politically of course but also in a more profound human sense. We are all waiting in a way

and so I wait, with that knowledge, with that idea.

I wait to hear back from Marjie now, but what will I be waiting for tomorrow and the next day? of course there is the answer: ” Waiting for world governments to accept the reality of pollution and global warming” especially when five days ago a 8 year old living in  China was diagnosed with lung cancer due to air pollution. But it’s much deeper than that.

We all live within the illusion of security and safety. it’s a constant source of anxiety really. I wonder how many of us blog to quiet or momentarily subdue that  feeling ?

and so I’m waiting and writing to pass… hoping  the time , hoping for the best

indexThe tears of the world are a constant quantity. For each one who begins to weep somewhere else another stops. The same is true of the laugh.

– Waiting for Godot


  1. How many mega storms is it going to take before our governments accept we need drastic action? I hope you hear from your friend soon. It is beyond tragic what has happened in the Philippines.


    • Hola Mon Amie,

      It makes me very angry. I mean there is much we can do. I feel like because of greed and the influence of oil companies in world-wide politics the powers that be will continue engaging in acts that harm more people than it helps. its terrible to think what the condition of the world will be when I shuffle off this mortal coil and leave it to the next generation. i hope I hear from her soon too 😦


  2. Dave, I just got online. Oh were you referring to me here? I’m dearly sorry for not being able to respond soon. I didn’t know… My love for you has just multiplied by thousands, my dearest friend.

    And Congratulations for being an uncle! 🙂


    • Of course I was referring to you :-). I was really worried as the news programs they show devastation of various places in the Philippines but since I did’t know the geography I had no idea if you were in those places.Also I didnt know if you were of course ok, but had no internet, or were not ok, or were completely fine and just busy etc. Im glad you are ok , I must say 🙂 it brought a smile to my face and the extra blog posts were icing on the cake. I comments on one and reblogged it. It was really good. It’s my favorite post from you ! Thus far 😀 Hugs out to ya


      • It never occurred to me the post would be well-received by my fellow bloggers in that fashion. You know me. I just write my piece, hit publish, then cover my face with both my hands – hoping not many will get to know what’s going on inside my freaky average mind. 🙂

        Thanks for your concern. The loss of lives and damages brought by the “Yolanda” is breaking our hearts here, too. And I thought the recent lighting (using the colors of the Philippine flag) at the top of the Empire State Building in New York was a nice gesture by your country.


      • Have you ever been inside the average mind. The Average Mind I think is an abstraction, like the average snowflake it doesn’t exist. It exists for the sake of mathematics or using mathematics to approximate something, a behavior or set of behaviors. Ive always like what you had to share, and how you said it, there is no need to cover your face 🙂 Show it off with pride !!!! A lot of people in NYC esp were touched by the severity of the typhoon esp since last year super storm sandy leveled a lot of neighborhood here and did untold damage. I dont know even what to say about it out, there is an amazing amount of suffering and pain going on


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