A Request from David || Can You Help Me Take this Blogging Thing to New Heights

esteban-guitar-lessons-imageI am going to take a chance. I am going to speak to you not as if you were my audience, but as if you were my close friends (only for a moment though). All day I had body-aches and a general malaise that resigned me to the couch. The colder months and my sickle cell disease have always conspired against me it seems. Since I am going to address you as I would my close friends, I am going to warn you at the outset that I wont be editing my content to make things more politically correct. I am going to give it to you raw, well because that’s how I like it personally. If you are offended by real emotions, real adult language, I would suggest you check something else out. Or do what I did in college watch QVC and fall into a deep, uncomfortably dreamless sleep. (Does Esteban still sell bad guitars?)

The Problem

Starting this blog was one of the best things I have ever done. It gave me cause to consider new perspectives. I have learned much from your comments, and for those of you who blog ,your posts. However as cool as that is, I’m really un-fucking satisfied  Sometimes I can’t tell if I am talking to a person or their blogger persona/alter ego/or ‘Karen’ one of your bitchier multiple personalities. Other times I wonder if we can actually have a conversation, real human being to real human being and not let the spot light put on us by blogging or wanting to have a big following  and all that comes with that, interfere with our talking?

Mrs Mary knows me too well. She oftentimes can tell by my facial expression what I am writing about. She is the one who ask mes:

  • “What do you hope to gain from this ?”
  • “Why do you want to engage others in conversation, aren’t the voices in your head enough?”
  • “Don’t you have better things to do?”
  • “Don’t you know how this is going to end?”

brown-sugarI had a plan. I created another site called SugaIntheRaw (click it and check it out). On this site I was going to write real hard hitting stuff, pulling-no-punches kinda shit and on this site I was going to write a sarcastic mocking  post on the same topic here hence the banner AspoonfulofSuga Lite !!!  But after my wife’s miscarriage I lost alotta fucking steam to do much anything.

I definitely want to do something cool with that site but, I feel that I should be able to converse with you, in an open an honest way, no bullshit sorta way. I thought maybe having some password protected posts would be the answer but I feel that that is fucked up. No one I know really likes thinking that they are not part of their bloggers core group of people. Actually when a blogger does that I tend to nope the fuck outta there. I like all of you despite the fact that I may talk to some of ya more than others.

So I want to know then, can we figure something out, whereby we can really promote conversation that doesn’t get bogged down by superficialities and things which don’t matter. Whaddya think?

– Dave

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