Capitalism Wins Again || Prostitutes in Brazil are enrolling in free English classes so they can provide better service for tourists during the World Cup


Hosting the World Cup causes an economic boom in pretty much every imaginable sector, including prostitution, which is leading the “working girls” of Brazil to enroll in free English classes to improve their hosting skills and ability to make more money off their customers. According to Cida Vieira, president of the Association of Prostitutes in the city of Belo Horizonte, 20 have already signed up for the free classes that will begin in March and will carry on for eight months, and expects as many as 300 to join them. It will be important for the girls who will be able to use English to let their clients know what they are charging and learn about what turns them on. And for the same reasons we are also thinking of offering free French and Italian classes.

OK Then

As is said on the street: “There’s no Business like Ho business!”  or If you will indulge me: “it ain’t no fun if the homies can’t get none.” I am starting to believe that English is the lingua franca for debauchery. yes, France and Italian may be the language for passion and romance but English rains supreme in the realm of  immorality.  Prostitution is I would imagine as old as the institution of marriage humanity. It’s as simple as supply and demand. I am amazed that there is an Association of Prostitutes lets alone a President of the association.  I would love to design that “menu” for English Speaking Tourist in Brazil


The Downside

As a keen observer of human  social behaviors I have come to learn that it is almost impossible to have a good time without someone else suffering for it. What this means is that if foreigners are coming for the World Cup, and Brazilian porstitutes  you can be sure suffering will be close by.

Case and Point:

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A new security campaign is helping authorities win back control of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas ahead of next year’s World Cup. Special police units are driving drug gangs out of the slums — but often only to replace them with their own thuggish rule. Among many favela residents, Rio’s police force has a worse reputation than the criminal drug gangs. They are seen as thugs and murderers — and often rightly so, as Security Secretary Beltrame freely admits. Ten police officers, including the head of the UPP, are allegedly responsible for torturing and murdering Amarildo de Souza, a bricklayer who lived in Rio’s largest favela, Rocinha. At least 20 other favela residents are said to have been tortured by police.

So what do you think is this a victory for capitalism/ for soccer/ for coming together as nations: English speaking prostitutes to better service and dress the influx of  people coming in for the world cup, or the militarization of the police and the torture and abuse of the poor.


BTW – On a side note looking at public housing here in many American cities and the Favelas in Brazil I’d like to repeat what Jim Kelly said in Enter the Dragon: “Ghettos are the same all over the world—they stink.”



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