Cops Gone Wild || Racial Slurs in Philly Stop & Frisk, So Much for Brotherly Love

Phone camera footage gaining viral traction shows two Philadelphia cops spitting racist slurs as they stop and frisk two pedestrians. The men were stopped by the cops for the grand crime of saying “hi” while non-white. As the dialogue captured in the video goes:

“You don’t say ‘Hi’ to strangers,” said one officer, identified as Philip Nace from the city’s 25th District. “Not in this neighborhood,” his partner added.

“We don’t want you here, anyway. All you do is weaken the fucking country,” Nace told one of the men.

“How do I weaken the country? By working?” the man asked.

“No, freeloading,” Nace replied.

Some Questions

So my friends here we are. Imagine for a moment that what happened to these two gentleman happens to you on a frequent basis. The details may be different, maybe you didn’t say hello. Perhaps you were stopped and mistreated because you are Gay, Japanese, Native American, a woman, an immigrants, a Hispanic, etc For what ever reason, you were stopped and aggressively treated by the police.

Do you have a right to be angry ?


Do you have a right to be outraged that people don’t believe you or take what you say at face value or tell you to be the change to inspire others? Human beings cannot without serious cash, and a self-image disorder change their color. When your societal treatments hinges on something you cannot change what are you supposed to change ?

Public Service Announcement

I was talking to someone from another country on the train and they asked me: “Is it really that bad, for blacks?” And I didn’t know what to say.  Yes of course I can get coca cola and Marlboro lights when I want, I can still score with some chicks who came from the Midwest to NYC with a trust fund, because – “Cmon, Black Guys omg ?!?!?!?” But how good do we have it?

The modern day attitude especially here in America when it comes to explaining (or discussing) serious and may be complex is basically summed up in this description: “Text it to me. I got some time between taking selfies, talking to my friends about whats on TV, and checking my email.”

I thought then what I would do then is just document cases of cops gone wild. Basically I will just post the facts whatever pictures or video clips I can get and some cynical commentary. It should be  interesting


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