Debunking Popular Myths: Why Children Aren’t Our ‘Future’? – Mass Media & Segmentation Theory

I believe that children are our future; by that I mean the future inheritors of the Dystopian society we helped create and usher into being. Frankly we use children as excuses, as sacrificial pawns in a dangerous chess game when it is convenient. To advance my point, let me ask you two questions:

  1. Who’s children are the Future?
  2. If children were really the future, wouldn’t global warming, ocean acidification, affordable healthcare, women’s rights, voting rights be taken seriously?

Who’s Children ?

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This is how the phrase “children are our future” has been defined:

…. […] …. what is instilled in the youth today; thoughts, beliefs, and teachings, will greatly affect the way the world turns out. After our generation is gone, the children of our generation will be our successors. Our presidents, company CEO’s, doctors. They will run the world. We need to teach them everything we know that will benefit them in the years to come.

Before I even get into it I must ask, “who’s children?”. Social mobility has become a myth on tends to same in the same socio economic class today that one is born into. I do not see  the children of Native Americans, Muslims, Latino’s, African Americans  being successor, not in this country at least. I mean if this wasn’t the case than the election of Barack Obama wouldn’t have been that big of a deal.

But, let us look at this a little closer. Let us take a look a theory called Segmentation Theory to get a better handle on  what are children are being instilled with.

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