Sometimes it is the tiny strokes – Thoughts on the Possibility of Change

While I have always been known for my cynical views and acerbic speech, I am at heart, an optimist. If I wasn’t a firm believer in change there would be no spoonfuls of ‘suga’ for you to sweeten your reality with. While I refrain from sharing my personal beliefs and would rather have you the reader unknowingly be complicit in the abstemious fiction making I do here; I decided today to share an optimistic message today.

“It’s not always the big titanic actions that bring us to where we need to get to.”

It’s a simple idea, almost too simple but follow me for a second. Let us look three pivotal occurrences in history.

One comment

  1. I know how you feel with the government’s spying on us and big money running everything that it can seem bleak, but I take hope that the day will come where we all say enough is enough! Small sincere acts can mean so much more than people realise, taking time to help a stranger, chatting to the lonely person while waiting for a bus rather than sitting there, eyes down, ipod on, saying thank-you and really meaning it, little things like that, really aren’t that little after all.


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