MrMary’s Compositions || ‘Untitled’ to be submitted for Publication

images (5)Many of you may not know this but MrMary while having many jobs and many different skills is a writer. I tend to use this site to rant and rave and save all my best stuff for publication. At the current moment I work 3 jobs and after I get home and do what needs to be done I stay up late writing. The other day one blogger told me I am a good writer which was a touching. Someone on twitter and I am not going to say who, added me on their list of great writer/bloggers. I usually do not know how to respond to compliments. I believe stoicism and reticence were part of my inheritance. Sometimes this has gotten me into trouble because sometimes my friends and people I am friendly with don’t believe that I really appreciate what they have done for me or given me. While I don’t know how to address this, I thought the least I can do is share something of mine with all of you: my faithful readers, my silent readers, new readers and the people who came to this blog searching: “are overweight African women attractive”. I would like to thank some people specifically first for encouraging me and for also reading my stuff  and giving me feed back: Marj, MsHastyWords, Paula Acton, Renee . Click page 2 below.

Also many publications will not publish any work posted on your personal blog. posting your work on your blog. This means before I send this out I will have to remove it, just so you know.

3 thoughts on “MrMary’s Compositions || ‘Untitled’ to be submitted for Publication

  1. I shared your story on my Facebook page. It hit me in the heart. I think because I’ve dealt with addiction. I’ve been sober for 100 days now, and I’m not going back to it. In making other changes in my life, I realized that I was using alcohol to self destruct. I want to live now. I don’t want to die. I’m going squeeze every last drop out of this life. I promise.

    Love, Renee


    1. Renee

      Thanks for sharing the story I appreciate it. I remember Bukowski’s quote when I read your comment: “That’s the problem with drinking, I thought, as I poured myself a drink. If something bad happens you drink in an attempt to forget; if something good happens you drink in order to celebrate; and if nothing happens you drink to make something happen.” I think that for a lot of people especially creative people, there is a deep sadness or a “malaise” that comes with living the lives we kind of lead nowadays and there is a self-medication through alcohol or in the cases of some other people I know other drugs. I have found ways to self-medicate like through meditation and writing and that has helped a lot. Alcoholism runs rampant on both my maternal and paternal side and I have always made sure to watch myself and make sure I didnt become self destructive with alcohol sex or anything else as I have an addicting personality. I also go to therapy when I and my family start to notice certain signs etc

      I’m glad you made changes and its great that you have made changes. I will drink an iced latte in your honor today. 100 days is a great and cause for celebration!!! You’re awesome and thanks for gracing my blog with your presence




      1. Thank you my dear for such lovely words. I’m glad you graced my blog with your presence. I am so damn thankful for you, and everyone else that reads and follows me. It’s an honor and it humbles me.

        Therapy is a Godsend isn’t it? A supportive family is too. Good for you for having both.

        Drink a drink for me. Whether it be a latte or glass of wine. A toast should be raised for the ones that know they have a problem and deal with it. I may not be able to partake, but I feel the love none the less.

        Take care my sweet friend. Keep writing and bettering yourself. I will be sure to also.

        Love, Renee


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