smitten in Mumbai

Im a big fan of this post. Im happy to recommend it – MrMary

tempted? then take a bite | thoughts from the kaur

I haven’t updated my blog in such a long time so I thought today would be a perfect day to share a story. Here is a post that combines reality with a little bit of fantasy. Karan Johar if you’re reading this, have coffee with Kiran! (I am not giving up)

I have longed to visit Bombay. Lusting at the mere mention or citing of the name. My fascination with this city began when I was sixteen, at the library (where not-surprisingly most of my non-food related fascinations begin); in a book. The city found its way into my life as the backdrop of a story that I was reading and instantly made a comfortable spot in my backpack. I carried Bombay around with me for days. The sounds of Bombay were becoming more familiar to me than the silence that characterized my existential space. As I sat alone in my…

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