Announcement: In Two Weeks a ASpoonfulofSuga Blog goes Lite !!!

I have been thinking about you.

Not you in particular reading this post but you plural i.e. the crowd of people who read this blog. Since receiving some telling criticism lately I have tried to tackle a difficult question: “How do I articulate my thoughts and opinions in such a way as to not alienate any of you?” Each post is a gamble and I have taken 1156 gambles so far. After much deliberation I’ve decided to make this blog available in two styles

Original & Lite

 The Original is pretty straightforward. That is what you’d get normally so there is not much need to talk about that. What I do want to talk about is the Lite Version of this blog.

The Lite version


I was inspired by Coca-Cola ZERO. Coke Zero is a telling product. It offers zero in terms of nutrition. Meaning this chemical product does nothing to sustain you. It only exists to continue feeding this need to satisfy your indoctrination namely that you need to be accompanied by soda: Soda at the movies, soda at sporting events, soda on TV, Soda commercials on Radio, Soda Adverts in your email, soda with hamburger and fries, soda on picnics, soda with tailgate parties, soda sponsors for car races, soda with Whiskey, soda with Rum, soda with a Happy Meal, soda with soda if you go to establishments with self-serve dispensaries.

I want my posts to be widely read; as widely read as Coke is distributed. However I do notice that often times some of my posts make people feel uncomfortable. Sometimes I need to remind myself that sensationalism and entertainment that provides nothing for social discourse  is what people come online for. Just the other day when I got this response to a post I wrote deconstructing the stereotype of the African-American Insatiable love for watermelon and Fried Chicken


Watermelon Hugger.

I do not know if this comment was to anger me (which it didn’t), or present a new avant-garde type of haiku or just to remind me to lighten-up and have a refreshing slice of watermelon to ease my mind.  So I decided to produce post that are lacking facsimiles of my original posts. They will not be about talking or discussing anything serious. Same humor, same acerbic commentary but with less factual content, and less educated reflections and historical juxtaposing. The illusion of substance is always much more satisfying than substance itself.

See you in Two Weeks


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