MrMary Answers || What has been your relationship with religion and Stuff ?

It has come to my attention that there have been recently a lot of posts on religion and more importantly people’s personal journey’s in religion and someone has asked me:

MrMary: What has been your experience/relationship with Religion ?

I lived a month when before my 16 bday in an ashram in south-east Asia to decided whether to become a monk or live a regular life.  I was sitting in meditation out in the sun and I could feel the coming monsoons a few weeks away and it was one of those moments of epiphany where the forms and conditions of life give way to the experience of living and in that moment I decided that I wanted french fries, a girlfriend and to save the monkish life for stories I would tell my grandchildren if I had them. I have had many interactions with persons from a variety of spiritual and religious traditions. Religious ideology has never satisfied me. I don’t care about rules or following them or what other people think. Everyone should have the freedom to do believe/follow they want as long as they aren’t using it as a weapon to hurt others. I live rather simply actually too simply according to my family and Mrs Mary. I only engage in things that draw me into a deeper experience of reality and what lies behind it and I live to fulfill my responsibilities to my family and those closest to me. Like any human being I don’t want to be in pain or to suffer but I find comfort in that life is finite and as the beat poet Gregory Corso put it:

is Life
It flows thru
the death of me
like a river
of becoming
the sea


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