Debunking Popular Myths: Why Love wont save us and Isnt the Answer

I am bout to lance a boil. I am going to tell you something you wont want to believe but is alas true. Here goes:


Love is one of those words. Two people can tell each other “I love you” and each person can walk away without knowing what that really means. Some one told me recently love will save us and I asked from what:

A 15 mile long asteroid headed for the Earth?
The Millions of Gallons of radioactive water leak by Fukushima?
AIDS and Venereal Diseases ?- that’s actually how you get it?
Having pumpkin flavored everything during the fall?
Loose Bowel Movements?
More Eagle’s Tribute Bands?
Nuclear Winter and radioactive roaches?
A North Korean Stand-up Comedian?

Storytime with MrMary

—LILLY APPELBAUM LUBLIN MALNIK on her time at Auschwitz
And they said, “From now on you do not answer by your name. Your name is your number.” And the delusion, the disappointment, the discouragement that I felt, I felt like I was not a human person anymore.

One there was a once this thing called Auschwitz it was a  complex of camps: concentration, extermination, and forced-labor camp. Terrible things happened there aside from torture death, force labor, there were no series finales to bitch about, CBS’ fall lineup wasn’t as stacked as it had been in the past. One day some people decided that if they all got together and loved themselves then each other, the people who committed the atrocities would stop because love saves and it is the answer. So much love was generated that all the evil in Europe Western and Eastern vanished the same way innocence does when a child enters a confessional booth with a catholic priest.

Now I am not a cynic. If I was a cynic I would use condoms when I masturbate to make sure my hand didn’t think thoughts above his station and also, now that I think about it, deny myself the pleasure of soiling the confines of my living.  I am a very optimistic person, but that optimism has been tempered by common sense, historical observations and not to mention stepping into reality every now and again.

What is love ?

By this point you’re say, ok smart ass what do YOU suggest we do to fix the problems around us. You might be a little miffed at me for daring to think that loving each other more will free Leonard Peltier* from jail, and I don’t blame you. Luckily I’m ready and like Woodrow Wilson have 14 points:

  1. Let’s us start by remembering that people sacrificed their lives for rights we have today. Many others endured much physical harm. Love didn’t stop the many mass genocide  over the last 100 -120 years.
  2. You cannot love someone you do not know. Why don’t you make friends in that section of the city  with the reputation of crime-ridden and people not of your demographic. I’m going to wall street tomorrow to make friends.
  3. Let us not buy any smart phones made with child labor no matter how cool it is to take pictures of things we could be participating in if we were taking pictures.
  4. Let us as organize ourselves as bloggers and support projects that bring fresh water to the thirsty. The more bloggers we get the less each of us individually would have to shell out? 100 bloggers shelling out 0.50 cents is $50 dollars a month that can actually better the quality of someone’s life.
  5. Why don’t you give one hour a week to a cause ?
  6. Winter is coming why don’t you help MrMary collect gently used clothes that can be distributed to those who do not look forward to being warm this winter?
  7. Why don’t we send letter to people in jail for marijuana possession -especially since having a record will bar them from voting or participating in society as much as they could have?

Now that just 7/14 of my points !!! Who has the testicular fortitude to sign up more that say love will save us while we sit passively in front of the television. …… ?

Love is actually Killing us

According to the lady who stopped me for a conversation on the street the only thing that can save us is Death. Jesus died for us because he loved us so much about 2 milennia before we were born and look how free we are! My radical idea is that  Love is killing us:

our love of  acquiring more and more at the expense of others and the planet our children will inherit
our love of staying willfully ignorant to the world’s trouble

That’s it


– Leonard Peltier is an imprisoned Native American considered by Amnesty International, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, National Congress of American Indians, the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Rev. Jesse Jackson, among many others, to be a political prisoner who should be immediately released.

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