But Does the Medicine have to taste good too ?

DXM-ABUSEI had to take a break from blogging but I have returned like an out break of genital herpes. I have returned with a question. Simply put does the medication have to taste good too?  A friend of mine was complaining about a cough medicine he had to take, and I could help but ask him: “Isn’t it enough that the medicine does what it is supposed to do? Why does it have to taste good too?” The more I sat with the question, the more I saw how applicable it’s message.  Let me rephrase the question: How important is what  you want versus what you need, can we even recognize need ?

For me and how I was raised if you have time to complain about the taste of the medication you are not that sick, or rather you’re not as focused on getting better as you should be.  Sometimes I think we as people do not like when we come across, get or receive what we didn’t envision ourselves getting, we seem to be in love with the self fulfilling prophecy

  1. I thought it be bigger ?
  2. I didn’t think it would look like this ?
  3. I thought it would make me look taller/slimmer ?
  4. It’s not how I imagined it….
  5. Maybe next time…

immigrantsI have run into a lot of people living in the city but rarely are they people who come across as being grateful. Living in NYC for many people breeds a culture of ingratitude: its not fast enough, cheap enough, easy enough etc. The American version of capitalism I feel is an anathema to being grateful. We want more and more, we want bigger and better and we are too caught up in the pursuit of more to ever enjoy what we have. We have done the carrot and stick method to death its always something we are being told to strive for and if we are not always striving for what we are told we are labelled as lazy.

I like  talking to immigrant here in the city.  I always ask them:

  1. Why did you come to America?  Was the coca Cola Flat where you were from?
  2. How much do you want to go back ?

I ask these questions not to disparage my own national identity but to better understand. I have found that many people came here for economic, political stability and the opportunity to work hard and see the results of their work This is of course a  very noble sentiment and every time I hear it no matter the accent it makes me proud to be an American more specifically a New Yorker. I’m more a NY’er than an American I feel. I don’t know if you can conceive the significance of that statement. If you are ever in NYC give me a ring Ill take you on a tour. However what i found strange was that many of these immigrants want to go back to their homeland, and many if not for their kids and life here would like to be buried back home.

I feel America is the land of plenty but that plenty isn’t for everyone. I feel its for a select few.  According to my friends that makes me a socialist/communist even though my underwear is always brightly coloured and my junk always adorned with a motley assortment of colour like a meaty sunset.

Anyways that’s it


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