The Jobs with the Most Psychopaths and what that Means for you

The Info

According to a survey conducted by psychologist Kevin Dutton—called the Great British Psychopath Survey—here are the top 10 professions with the most psychopaths:

  • CEO
  • Lawyer
  • Media (TV/Radio)
  • Salesperson
  • Surgeon
  • Journalist
  • Police Officer
  • Clergyperson
  • Chef
  • Civil Servant”

The Journal of Abnormal Psychology notes that psychopathy is a personality disorder characterized by anti-social behavior, selfishness, egocentricity, callousness, manipulativeness and lack of empathy. But in an interview with, Dutton said one of the reasons he wrote his book was to debunk two myths about psychopaths: that they’re either all “mad or bad,” and secondly, that psychopathy is an all-or-nothing thing, that you’re either a psychopath or you’re not.  “When psychologists talk about psychopaths, what we’re referring to are people who have a distinct set of personality characteristics, which include things like ruthlessness, fearlessness, mental toughness, charm, persuasiveness and a lack of conscience and empathy. Imagine that you tick the box for all of those characteristics,” Dutton explained. “You also happen to be violent and stupid. It’s not going to be long before you smack a bottle over someone’s head in a bar and get locked up for a long time in prison. But if you tick the box for all of those characteristics, and you happen to be intelligent and not naturally violent, then it’s a different story altogether. Then you’re more likely to make a killing in the market rather than anywhere else.”


Picture this

 You are in your mid to late 30’s. You are besieged with bills: Mortgage payments, Hospital bills for your child,  car payments, insurance etc.  You wonder sometimes if you will ever get free of debt. You cannot answer with a definitive yes but you have to no matter how degrading and unreasonable it is go to work. Your boss  always takes credit for the work you do, forces you to work extra time without any monetary compensation, and just when things get so bad that you are ready to quit he turns on the charm and leaves you a bit confused about how you felt for all those  months before where every morning you had to give yourself a pep talk to be able to go to work.  After the painful drive back home to your home, you sit down on the coach and don’t want to be bothered. You need to detox because  while you just made it out of your private hell you will be back in less than 10 hours. You have just enough time to eat, get ready for tomorrrow. You do not have time to spend much with your son and/or daughter. You will figure that out somehow. But you turn out the TV and the same yelling and screaming, nepotism and self-serving cupidity you see all the time at work is right there in front of the TV.

For many people that image is quite common. The Civil Servants who are ironically there to serve you , the journalist who brings you your news, the person trying to sell you, the people in charge of the media you are exposed too through the day the person preparing your food, the person who is there to protect you and your family, represent you in court  – all these people could in fact be psychopaths or have psychopathic tendencies enough to destabilize your mental health.

I feel that one of the reason we have no many social ills is that so many of us are not present enough due to a variety of stresses we are exposed to on whenever we leave our home. Most people I feel and I could be wrong are operating at maximum capacity. Any little thing now can completely turn their lives upside down. This creates the need for a pervasive drug culture.  I know many people who cannot worked without being hopped up on something. I don’t drink coffee but I wonder who much do you like your work when you have to drink upwards of 32 + ounces of coffee or energy drinks to get through it and then drink alcohol to excess at the close of the day to grinding your hopped up mind to a slow enough halt to sleep until the next morning’s fix. I truly feel that a working democracy like a high speed train or cruise ship needs people who are awake piloting it. When I look around on the train I don’t see anyone awake. There are no spark in the eyes. There is no emotional content to anyone’s work. One important lesson we haven’t learned as a nation is that the well being of our neighbors has a direct impact on our day to day reality. I am naive to think that our actions will play a significant role in determining if that effect is positive or negative.



  1. We need to rethink how we run our society. Prioritising work over friends and family, often because people feel they have to so they can pay their bills, can’t be healthy. I have known some people who weren’t violent, but certainly seemed to lack empathy for other people, I used to wonder, ‘how can you just not care how this affects other people’


    • I’m with you on that! It’s been harder and harder for me to play along with the game and advance in my career. People really de-evolve into really selfish no empathy having mofo’s. It make me scared really when you think of how many people are so disgruntled and unhappy, in addition to how we lost the care for our neighbors.


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