More Great Satire from Stephen Colbert: The Word – Color-bind

Colbert Report 07/23/13 The Word – Color-bind

I think I would make a good Senator what about you ?

But before I sellmy soul to dive into politics I wants to bring up an interesting article on Color-blindness called: The Case Against Racial Colorblindness:

Research by Harvard Business School‘s Michael I. Norton and colleagues shows that attempting to overcome prejudice by ignoring race is an ineffective strategy that—in many cases—only serves to perpetuate bias. Key concepts include:

  • Racial colorblindness is a social convention that many Americans start to internalize by as young as age 10.
  • The logic of racial colorblindness policies is that if we don’t even notice race, then we can’t act in a racist manner. However, experimental research indicates that the people who actively avoid the subject of race are actually perceived as the most racially biased.
  • Organizations might ease racial tensions among a diverse workforce by stressing multiculturalism over racial colorblindness.

It is a great article check it out




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