Finally a Good Laugh after A sad Week: MrMary runs into an old Buddy – Inappropriate conversation ensues!!!

The Trayvon Martin case, made me really sad especially being told ultimately by many of the pundits afterwards that what I felt (that racism is alive and well was totally invalid). I don’t know, sometimes all this stuff weighs heavily down on me. A fellopw blogger I admire a lot Jim @ said it best, in one of the comments he left recently on the blog:

Been too angry to write. So much to try to make sense in this world but little hope that things will improve.Maybe one day I’ll reach my Zen and be able to post a coherent blog without all of this malice I’m feeling. Or maybe I should just let it flow and say “eff it all”. Who knows….

Today I ran into out of the blue a friend from my High School Days. It was really nice to see him and hear that he’s doing well. he’s married  since 2008, good job, I’m happy for the dude. It wasn’t too long before joking commenced and I finally had a much needed laugh, I thought I would share the conversation:

BE ADVISED: The language used here depicts adult settings and situation. Also as with any speech, the contents can be taken out of context. To that end I am reminding you that this blog doesn’t discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, ethnicity, sexual preference, gender, height, weight, TV Show preference. If you read any of that in the comments you are clearly delusional and do not understand joking around with old friends.
Big homey how are ya ?whats new with you
I’m good man. Same old here. Did you move? How are you doin? What u been up to?
I moved to jersey, Im some what alive and working,…living the american dream of being medicore…dude ur married with kids?
Where in jersey? I’m in Staten island near [not displayed]
I’m at [not displayed]
Yup, married. Got married 5 years ago in November. No kids
how’s married life
is it the slow painful death everyone says it is
Hell no! I like being married. Ive been together with
my wife since 2002 so i knew what i was getting into
cool man
By your response, I assume you aren’t married
 I’ve been with the same lady since
the Bush era not legally married yet….
See, so you know…. was the “Bush era” thing a joke
or did that just happen randomly
yeah its miserable and great at the same time like late night [sexual activity]
where Ur both too tired to say that you’d rather sleep,
the Bush Era thing was completely random and
missed opportunity for a follow up joke
Lol, there’s that too
It’s all about the effort
When the little kids coming along man
yeah so is masturbation too, if ur not in it to win it
you need to back away from the lotion
No clue, we arent in any rush.
Lotion? Its in and out sir, no time to be fancy
if I am going to love myself it will have to be fancy
and classy coconut lotion preferably help with
imagining the island setting and the backroom stench of whore houses
Creativity, it works
lol yeah love creativity
how do u like staten Island
What you doing now? You move for work or love?
I moved for cheaper rent
I can afford staten island, the people
are narcissist nuts. Hoping to go to Connecticut or jersey
I’m still in science
Still amazes me!
Doing research and shit yeah 
Being in science , for me,
is like having AIDS
but regular  version not the Magic Johnson version
The Best part of you dies slowly enough for you to notice on the daily,
and your ability to produce anything worthwhile is handicapped
What do you do research for, and where … ?
Like your job huh  ?
I do [info withheld]  in the city
I like my job like the Taiwanese love the Chinese navy
Hmmm, alllriiight
sorry man I’m hopped up on coffee
it brings out all my malcontentness lol
Where in the city? [ info withheld]
You are impressive is all, sounds weird to hear how crappy it is
I’m [info withheld]
Relatively close
one of these days we should hang out and talk about the old days
when we used tobang broads ten at a time for a dime
what kinda work do u do are u an accountant
something with numbers I’m guessing
Hmm, I remember dreaming that, not doing that
Yeah, im in finance, [info with held]

im happy for ya,
most people from highschool I wish they died a slow death
so its good to hear that one of the few people I liked

ah u know how it was back in those days, so many things happened
Damn so you are super wealthy and vote republican is what ur saying?
Sounds impressive, it aint
j/k… it sounds impressive to me
it sounds like ur doing well for yourself
and that’s awesome to hear
My wifes a lawyer, sounds impressive to me,
she says it ain’t. I guess everyone thinks that
Doing ok. Good to hear you are also
im happy for ya,
most people from highschool I wish they died a slow death
so its good to hear that one of the few people I liked
Im glad to hear that from you as well. We should totally meet up one Friday
is doing well yeah Fridays
are awesome Do u like drinking?
Usually good for everyone
You could say that
Fridays arent good for the guy who cleans up
the puddles in the porn shop it’s a 3 squeegee
night for him
That’s Saturday morning, lol
One this friday drinks should be involved,
what’s ur damage beer, whiskey, vodka rum
Usually vodka or beer, when i have to slow down Lol..
If im trying to enjoy, totally different story. Also times i can just
nurse one all night Depends on atmosphere
ah ok
We can meet up for food, drinks, whatever
Dont want to get polluted, gotta catch up
cool man, im guessing maybe after the 2nd
of august I should be free to make a mockery of myself and self-respect
Sounds like a plan. Ill message you that week and we can go from there
yeah def man gonna be awesome !
Nice, lookin forward to it
I think I got to get back to work now the coffee is kicking in , if i miss this
window to do work I might as well go home, lol
Same here, trades to book. Talk to ya next week
be well homey speak to you soon peace



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