Illogical But true #126 || Meanwhile in VA Republican Wants to Ban Oral and Anal Sex Between Adults to Keep Kids Safe

Ken Cuccinelli wants to keep kids safe from sexual predators by banning oral and anal sex—between consenting adults.


The Facts:

Cuccinelli’s claim is that only by reinstating the Crimes Against Nature law, which Cuccinelli dishonestly calls the “Anti-Child Predators Law,” can the state of Virginia prosecute people who rape children. Never mind that rape is already illegal, child molestation is already illegal, and statutory rape is already illegal. His website says that a full 90 sexual predators may come off the sex offenders registry (the site is vague on how) if oral and anal sex isn’t banned outright for everyone, a claim that hopefully will remind voters that enforcing such a law would mean that adults having consensual sex in their bedrooms could become “sex offenders” if they’re caught.

Like his peers, Cuccinelli knows that you’re supposed to come up with a reason these anti-sex measures aren’t really about sex, but never has a man been so bad at maintaining a cover story. He swears that the law won’t be enforced as written to prosecute consensual sex between adults, even though the Supreme Court ruling that made this type of ban unconstitutional, Lawrence v. Texas, was in fact about arresting a couple having consensual sex in private. Cuccinelli’s “just trust me” argument is especially hollow in light of his past behavior, as reported by Think Progress:

In 2004, a bipartisan group in the Virginia General Assembly backed a bill that would have brought the law in line with the Supreme Court’s ruling. They proposed to eliminate the Crimes Against Nature law’s provisions dealing with consenting adults in private and leaving in place provisions relating to prostitution, public sex, and those other than consenting adults. Cuccinelli opposed the bill in committee and helped kill it on the Senate floor.

The Ache In My Head

I am starting to think that to be a Republican in America you have to a weird fixation about sex. Here are 5 completely nonsensical ideas that could better protect children from sexual predators:

  1. Put every man who sports a beard,glasses and beady eyes in jail because children find that look sexy and irresistible
  2. Invest more in community-based educational program that focus on strengthening community ties through educating children and exposing them to new technologies
  3. Dress Catholic Priest in flesh colored tight clothing, give them 2 cigarettes, 2 packets of jelly or syrup and send them to all male correctional facilities as conjugal visit fodder as part of a campaign called: Operation Turn the Other Cheek, The Gospel won’t be the only thing their spreading.
  4. Have more programs that  educate people on domestic and sexual abuse ,and allow them to recognize the signs of it  happening
  5. Don’t vote Republican

I used to think that politician were supposed to represent our interest in  government. I’ve never heard any adult of voting age say “Every time someone puts their mouth on my privates for the sake of my pleasure a child becomes more prone to being a victim of sexual predation.”

Can someone explain the logic of this to me?

9 thoughts on “Illogical But true #126 || Meanwhile in VA Republican Wants to Ban Oral and Anal Sex Between Adults to Keep Kids Safe

    1. I wonder sometimes how can there be such disparities of thinking. I mean huge huge disparities. I have always found that many southern states and republican strong holds always seen to be the source of this backward and antediluvian sort of thinking


    1. I don’t get it either my dear. It makes no sense in reality. I think this dude is trying to say that performing these kinds of sexual acts turns people into child predators. Which is ridiculous, and makes me wonder about whether he has developed properly emotionally or sexually.


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