Losing a Pet

I’ve never really held like the word “pets”. It seem very pejorative. I have always been an animal lover and there is a certain void in the human experience that they fill. Animals whether stray or not and I get along swimmingly, more so than myself and my fellow human beings. I love the lack of pretence, and straight-forwardness. I loss my cat named Tosh about 2 years ago. She was all kinds of awesome. She didnt like my lady or anyone else. She took a liking to me and would always be by my side whenever I got home. She was grumpy  and had a bad obsession with food, and very very old.

One of my favourite bloggers, TarnishedSophia recently lost her pet Cockatiel as she described in this touching post A Love Lost . I figured if any of you have had a pet that has passed on through, maybe you could do me a favor and stop on her blog and send your well wishes

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