MrMary Responds: We are Americans, not American’ts

dboflag2In many blog post before I dubbed myself the greatest patriot of my generation. It’s easy to love America with all my heart, because America doesn’t Exist! Men have never been treated equally, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not guaranteed to all people races colors genders, ages etc.  I love America the same way a couple love a baby not yet born, there is a bit of fear, excitement, trepidation, and sadness. I love America because I am an idealist and an optimist. I believe that in about 2-3 centuries time if there is still a planet, and if the Eastern sea Board has been  submerge by that impending global warming catastrophe America may come closer to fulfilling to what I hope it could be.

A Post on the O.C.

I read this post today on the Outlier Collective. After I skimmed through the article I checked the comment section and was surprised when I read these words describing the post: Obnoxious and ignorant. Racist & evil. Selfish & Stupid. Exclusive & failing. I went back and read the article thoroughly and picked out some of the sentences that I couldn’t identify with or understand (notice the read white and blue)

  • From birth, Americans are raised believing that you simply do whatever it takes to follow your ambitions. Ask any six-year-old: What will she be when she grows up? The answer (in summary): Anything she fucking wants [I am a male,there are others like me in this country and many of us (males) have been 6 years old and I ain’t  heard that speech, ever]
  • The great majority of Americans are relentlessly committed to finding what makes us happy. It’s written into our core national documents, for crying out loud. [Those of us living above the poverty line who can afford medical care, decent education, safe neighborhood and who are not indoctrinated by a system that seeks to dehumanize them and make them better worker so a small plutocracy can continue to enjoy life.]
  • I believe the phrase “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” represents my nation more perfectly than any other words we have on record. [Also all men were created equal in those documents written and signed by slave owners. If you can find a Native American ask him or her about the pursuit of Happiness living on  a researvation where people are suffering greatly from poverty.]
  • But Americans are learning to connect with other people around the globe to mutually support each other and, together, make things a little better for the next generation. [Installing puppet governments, international spying, dropping food and bombs of Afghanistan, supporting Walmart in anyway shape or form, exploiting 3rd world regimes with weapons …]
  • And what America offers is not our government – it’s our individuals and their collective power. I think our people’s sheer belief in the potential of the human spirit casts an international light. [I find that when bad things happen it’s the government’s fault not the people, when good things happen its because of the people not the government. If this is a democracy the American people myself included are responsible for the acts of government. Unless of course democracy is just a front for the capitalistic  and exploitative interests of a select few. We have great collective power, as do any human beings gathered together, I would argue that what matters more is our collective vision]
  • Driven by confidence and enthusiasm, our energy spills out like fireworks around the world. [The best example of this would be drones killing innocent people and first responders in other countries.]  
  • I can trust that my freedom of speech is utterly sacred. [What about the NSA, wire tapping, loss of civil liberties since 9/11 ?]

Some Thoughts

django-jacksonPlease don’t think I am a kill joy or a curmudgeonly negro.  I’m rather a jovial person. I enjoy many privileges now that I couldn’t before when I have sex with a white women I don’t have to finish quickly to get a head start on the Lynch Mob coming to exact vengeance. I can just finish quickly because I’m not that good anymore. I can walk with my openly gay friend and not get beat down by association, and I can read about how women inmates are unwilling sterilized in prison. Thirty to 40 years ago that wouldn’t make the news. You know what else wouldn’t make the news:  White History month in North Carolina’s 4th of July celebration. I can also get dates with women of other races and not go to jail for breaking miscegenation laws.

Side Note: While I am being a bit flippant let me just issue a reminder about the pronoun ‘we’. In most cases when it is used it doesn’t refer to everyone. Let me give you an example: “Man we just got stopped and frisked and the cops gave us an extra hard time”,  “We got randomly stopped by LAPD and forced to show our birth certificates under penalty of deportation.” “We cannot afford food and blankets at our reservation this year and depend on donation from the very same group that took everything from us”. Do you see what I mean ?

Every country has a shadow, every country has committed some atrocities and one country isn’t better than another.  There are many things to love about America and its people the same can be said of Germany, the UK, Russia China, Ethiopia  Egypt Chile, etc. I have  traveled extensively through this nation. There is much I love about America, there is much good in America. It is because of the good here that I am committed to staying here with my family and contribute in anyway I can.

I got some more thoughts but I think this is enough right ?


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