Yasiin Bey aka Raper Mos Def Demonstrates: Forced Feeding S.O.P

It is public knowledge that many of the detainees at Guantanamo have been cleared and scheduled for release but that release has never come. Guantanamo Bay isn’t a prison it is a detention camp there is a big difference.Please watch the video and tell me what you think

Some Facts

Islamic leaders call on administration to rethink policy towards hunger-striking detainees during religious fast

Islamic community leaders are calling on the Obama administration to rethink its policy of force-feeding hunger-striking detainees in Guantánamo during the month-long fast of Ramadan that begins on Monday.

The US government has said that barring “unforeseen emergency or operational issues” it will respect the daylight fast by trying only to force feed 45 detainees at night. Muslim groups say that by refusing to suspend the practice during Ramadan the US is adding insult to injury.


“We believe it’s wrong to force feed at any time but it is particularly upsetting to do it through Ramadan,” said Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman of the largest US Muslim civil rights and advocacy group, the Council On American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). He said the situation was Kafkaesque: “It’s not just a religious issue, it’s also a human rights issue in violation of international norms and medical ethics.”

Dr Azzam Tamimi, an Islamic community leader in Britain, said he hoped the Obama administration would reconsider. “As Ramadan starts, this issue is becoming increasingly embarrassing for the US government; it’s about time President Obama took a brave decision to end this in a way that would be appreciated around the Islamic world.”

The continuation of force-feeding through Ramadan is being legally challenged by four of the 106 detainees who are on hunger strike in protest at their prolonged detention without trial. A lawsuitfiled with a federal court in Washington last week argues that night-time feeding could lead to long periods without water, endangering the hunger strikers.




  1. That place sounds like hell on earth. The /least/ they could do is respect Ramadan. This is akin to forcing a strict Catholic to eat meat on Good Friday. 😦


      • So many people believe they have the one, true faith so every other faith must be ‘wrong’, and hence not deserving of respect. 😦


      • Yeah I agree, it’s like mistaking the hand pointing at stars or the moon for the stars and moon itself. What is so important and beautiful is the fact that we each have our own connection to life and how it manifests. I don’t understand proselytizing as well as religious persecution. It’s so sad


      • I’m a proud atheist, and have been since I was 17, and I can’t understand the proselytizing either. Whether you believe in goodness, as I do, or a god, as so many other people do, belief and faith are /personal/. Or they should be, otherwise how can that belief motivate your life?

        No offense to church-goers, but compassion, tolerance and charity should not be confined to Sundays!

        Apologies for the rant. It’s something I feel strongly about.


      • Hey Meeka

        No need to apologize for the rant, it’s how you feel. I don’t think we as people should treat others as human beings and be tolerant of their beliefs because it’s the right thing to do. I agree that religious beliefs should be private and should not be the basis for law and legislation. It gets me quite angry to see that. I am with you with what u say


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