Cosmo Sex Advice: Here is How to Help Your Man Let Go of His Macho ideals

“Pegging can help men let go

of macho ideals that get in the way

of happy relationships”.



For Those of you who Don’t Know


Pegging is a sexual practice in which a woman penetrates a man’s anus with astrap-on dildo.


Wow. This is the sex advice that Cosmo is giving. As someone who tells a lot of inappropriate jokes this has set me up with jokes at least until Christmas 2014. But before I can conjure up new jokes I had to do more research and this is what I found from Jezebel:

ultimate-guide-prostate-pleasure-erotic-exploration-for-men-charlie-glickman-paperback-cover-artWant to make straight men better in bed — and better feminist allies? The path may be simple: fuck them up the ass. In The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure: Erotic Exploration for Men and Their Partners, Charlie Glickman and Aislinn Emirzian make the case that straight “men who get into anal penetration are among the most secure in their masculinity: because they’ve examined themselves, faced their fears.” Despite the title of the book, the authors make the case that the payoff for prostate play — specifically by a woman using a dildo or other toy — isn’t just pleasure. It’s liberation from the masculine straitjacket, with happy consequences that extend well outside the bedroom.

It seems dialogue and re-evaluating social norms and education others on wide spread oppressive sociological practices was all superfluous because all that was needed to mold men into feminist was a hard-core ass-fucking session ?  My first objection to this is that hardened criminals (and also victims of Catholic priests) do not really consider themselves feminist. If any one of you bump into someone just out of 10 years in the state penitentiary please ask them if they consider themselves to be feminist. I mean criminals don’t avoid prison showers because they feel that they will come out cleaner and better feminist  after the crying and bleeding is done or maybe they do I don’t know I’ve never done time.

But Wait There is More

In a deeply misogynistic culture, there are few greater fears with which men are raised than the fear of being labeled as someone who acts like a woman, allowing himself to be penetrated….. “The idea that penetration is an act of dominance is almost certainly tied in to sexism and the notion that the woman’s role is inferior. Plenty of men have absorbed these ideas at a subconscious level. Even if a man doesn’t think it is an act of dominance when he penetrates his (male or female) partner, he may still hesitate to switch roles because he is afraid that it will mean losing his masculinity if he takes a turn catching instead of pitching.”

I never viewed penetration as an act of dominance, just really a consequence of geometry. Given the shape of the penis, you generally have to put it in something for the whole sex thing or sexual act to work, some sort of cavity is needed whether natural or man made. It’s hard to believe I am dominating someone who I had to buy 3 dinners for, take out to movies and then ask and or beg for sex. Since I have never been a plantation owner or European Explorer /Colonist and am not a rapist, I have never associated penetration with dominance.


There is more to this article of course and to this topic, but I need to get to work and to stop telling jokes. I would like to hear what you my dear readers have to say about the idea and topic

toodles for now



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