Im old enough to remember when Nelson Mandela was considered a Terrorist


The Reagan administration came into office declaring that a centerpiece of its foreign policy would be a war on terror. That war on terror has also been expunged from historical consciousness, because the outcome cannot readily be incorporated into the canon: among them an estimated 1.5 million in the terrorist wars sponsored in neighboring countries by Reagan’s favored ally, Apartheid South Africa, which had to defend itself from Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress, one of the world’s “more notorious terrorist groups,” so Washington determined in 1988.Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger had adopted a policy known as the Tar Baby Option, according to which the US ought to maintain close relations with the white rulers in South Africa.Ronald Reagan continued to support links with South Africa, describing the ANC as “a terrorist organisation”, but congressional pressure forced increased distance between the two governments.

By today’s standard my support of Mandela and the ANC would have labelled me unAmerican. (I was born in 1981, my support was  monetary in nature).  America doesn’t negotiate or tolerate terrorist, we just fund them, train then and when they are no longer useful engulf their country in a war to extirpate  any accountability. Is today’s freedom fighter a hero a decade later? I don’t know and probably do not want to give my opinion as the NSA may be listening in on my conversations. I just can’t wait for the blatant hypocrisy that will take the news media by storm when this great leader dies.  Everyone will give that same speech about how much of a hero he was, probably from the same people who in their youth rallied behind signs like these.



  1. Exactly. And then Americans wonder why the rest of the world hate them. Such double standards. I’ve seen so much of that bullshit happen in Latin America… It is infuriating.

    And what’s worse – unlike you, most Americans are not in the least interested in knowing what their government, their country does to other countries.


    • Were you originally from Latin America? If yes I would guess Chile? I think if you are a minority you dont have a choice as the omentum of the last few centuries of exploitation and biggotry are still strong enough to at a moments notice discontinue the dissolution of individual freedoms even more then they have already been.


      • Yeah. I was born in Colombia. Plenty of American intervention there.

        But anything that happens in any of the Latin American countries is felt and mourned in all the others. We are all very close. Except for Venezuela who decided to hate on Colombians for whatever reason.

        Exploitation of Latin America started some 6 centuries ago with the Spaniards and the Portuguese and has never ceased. Ours is a history -and culture, of violence and betrayal.


      • Mucho Gusto encantado!!!

        As someone of carribean origin I kind of feel that there is a joint sentimentality concerning latin America. I think we all suffered during the Banana Wars and the CIA intervention and Cold war tactics. Neocolonialism is still rather alive and well. It hasnt stopped and I think until it stops the world will continue down its slippery slope. One of this days when I am either reading Garcia Marquez or drinking aguardiente again I will toast to your health !!! Coincidentially I am making arepas tonight for the lady


      • That was an awesome post. I got a chance to peruse a lot of your site I love your sense of humor and the vibe that comes off your blog !!!!!!!! we should do a collaboration one of this days. Hopefully I clean my act up enough before that time.



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