MrMary Cares: The Readers of this Blog Are Helping to Address Poverty in the World

I had a previous Blog Post called : MrMary Sponsors a Village Through the Blog – Responce to First world Problems Read by 3rd People & a New Series .

In this post I wrote the following:

I would extend happiness and benefit I derive from this blog to someone else in a way that has nothing to do with a like button, or a comment on a post.  I wanted to involve you guys in this process without requiring or need anything from anyone other than what you are already doing which is reading my words.

Update and Follow-Up

thank youi

Basically I like the community of people who interact with me through WordPess on the blogosphere. So I decided to sponsor a child and pass the feeling of being part of a community of caring people onto someone else in a real way that cannot be tainted with the popularity contest, follow me, atmosphere that sometimes blogging becomes. You have no responsibility, nothing to do. You just comment if you want to comment, subscribe if you want to subscribe. There is no compulsion. Just know that I appreciate all you do for me in reading and liking my comments and I felt that the best way for me to show my thanks was to do something for someone else.

So here it is:

Dear Mr. @#$%^$# (Hidden for Privacy)

Learn just how profound a difference you’re making as a sponsor by watching this video about Salome, one of more than 1.2 million children being sponsored through Plan [Video Not Included]

Next Steps

Tonight or tomorrow, once I get a chance I will upload more information. I am trying to see if the Donor could not be me the individual but the ASpoonfulofSugaBlog. I have been superbly busy working and finding an apartment  but I will be keeping  all of you updated. Because sensitive informative is involved from my life I am just double checking to make sure that none of it can get leaked and that I maintain the privacy of all those involved.

Thank you again


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